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Let’s make HR processes more agile

The Human Resources department is one of the most important components of any business, regardless of an organization’s size. Being responsible for finding, recruiting, screening, and training job applicants, as well as administering employee benefit programs is exciting but challenging at the same time. What if you could streamline HR processes so you had fewer manual tasks and more meaningful work?

 All you have to do is ask and watsonx Orchestrate will quickly deliver results. And it learns as it goes, so you multiply solutions, not tasks.



HR Champions generative AI: Embrace experimentation, empower people

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Collaborate with IBM Consulting experts to recruit, retain and develop the skills and talent you need to compete in the new AI era and drive your enterprise transformation.
Customer benefits Easy to use

Chat with Orchestrate in natural language, access pre-built automations for creating job descriptions, advertising openings, and sourcing candidates.

Empower your HR team

Offload tedious tasks, helping HR employees move toward more satisfying, higher-value work.

Get faster results

There’s never enough time to get it all done. Orchestrate adds bandwidth to your day.

Use cases

IBM watsonx Orchestrate helps meet the unique needs of your entire HR department.

Talent Acquisition (TA) Powered by the latest AI technology and extensive integrations, Orchestrate can handle interview scheduling and follow-up communications, working tirelessly to ensure that the talent acquisition process runs smoothly. With Orchestrate, TA professionals can automate time consuming tasks within candidate sourcing and recruiting, focusing their energy on the more strategic and relationship-building aspects of talent acquisition. This results in improved productivity for TA professionals, better hires and an exceptional candidate experience.
 Automate to better discover and engage a skilled and diverse workforce (1:36)

HR Procurement Business priorities are shifting faster than ever. To respond to new customer preferences or new deliverables, you need a flexible workforce. Contingent labor helps, but sourcing and staffing those workers is a full-time job. With Orchestrate, you can spend less time staffing and more time delivering. Orchestrate can automate manual procurement tasks, saving your team valuable time for planning strategic initiatives and meeting client needs. Uncomplicate your contractor life cycle management process with IBM watsonx Orchestrate (2:06)
Onboarding Onboarding requires human attention and care and a lot of paperwork. IBM watsonx Orchestrate automates time-consuming, repetitive business processes and frees you up to introduce new hires to your company seamlessly and with clarity. Orchestrate can set up accounts, standardize the experience for each new employee ensuring that each new hire receives the same level of attention and information, can schedule training sessions and welcome emails saving you time to engage the new team member. By offloading tasks to Orchestrate, HR professionals can deliver more powerful, human-centric impact for employees and the company. Book a HR demo

Career Mobility Top talent wants to advance. Retaining your best and brightest and reducing turnover means providing your employees with attractive opportunities for growth within your organization, and quickly identifying who would thrive in a lateral move, or who would be an asset in a higher position. Analyzing opportunities for mobility and workers who would benefit most from advancement takes time and attention. Let watsonx Orchestrate™ take the busywork out of the process, so you can focus on structuring your team for success. Check out the IBM client story to see how Orchestrate helped IBM save 12,000 hours during a quarter’s promotions process ¹. Read the IBM HR case study

How Orchestrate works

Orchestrate uses natural language processing to draw from catalog of prebuilt and custom skills to execute tasks specific to key human resources processes by integrating with the apps that your HR department already relies on.

Prebuilt skills What can Orchestrate do? It can create a job description template, share it with the hiring manager, notify you of input, provide a matching candidate list, tell you when qualified candidates apply, and send an introductory message. And that’s just the beginning. Explore the skills catalog

Custom skills By using any OpenAPI, you can create and publish automations as skills into Orchestrate. From there, your teams can use natural language processing to access and run automations at scale. Combine internal systems, third-party tools and out-of-the-box skills to accomplish endless use cases across your business. Learn how custom skills work

Integrations Orchestrate taps into the tools you use every day, from collaboration and communications to analytics and applicant tracking. Discover app integrations
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