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The AI assistant builder in watsonx Orchestrate is a next-generation builder studio that leverages the power of generative AI and digital skills to empower organizations and domain experts to quickly and easily create new and compelling AI assistants through a powerful low-code experience. Leveraging purpose-built AI assistants, customers and employees can seamlessly complete tasks and complex processes facilitated by a highly engaging natural language experience.

The AI assistant builder experience in watsonx Orchestrate provides builders with access to a low-code generative AI and automation studio to stand-up large language model (LLM) powered assistants that are grounded in business context, data, and automation. The AI assistant builder enables you to extend your investments in automation and scale adoption through a highly conversational interface infused with AI that you can trust. Generative AI capabilities are delivered natively by IBM’s trusted and transparent LLMs fine-tuned for specific business functions. Builders have the flexibility and control to decide when and how LLMs are leveraged via choosing a base LLM, content grounding, AI-guided actions, and conversational skills. IBM watsonx Orchestrate provides natural, optimized experiences for your customers and employees, guiding them through the completion of multi-step processes while letting generative AI do the heavy lifting.

Features AI assistant builder: craft conversational AI efficiency with a low-code build experience Conversational search with generative AI 

AutomaConversational search leverages Large Language Models (LLMs) for retrieval-augmented generation (RAG), designed to generate accurate, conversational answers grounded in your company’s content with in-line answer traceability to ensure information is correct and verifiable.

Conversational skills

Custom AI assistants designed in the watsonx Orchestrate AI assistant builder can execute automations, or skills, directly in conversations. Generative AI is used at runtime to seamlessly collect the inputs needed for tasks to be executed, providing a smoother experience for users.

AI-guided actions

Choose exactly when to harness the power of LLMs by providing your assistant with specific phrases that will automatically trigger an AI-driven response for a given use case, such as providing recommendations on products and services, explaining key concepts, and more.

Base LLM

Use IBM’s Granite model series or choose from a curated list of other LLMs to power your assistant’s generative AI capabilities adding specific prompt instructions to produce the best generative responses or refine LLM output for added flexibility all in a no-code interface.

How Assistant Builder can help
Generative AI to guide users

With natural language understanding and conversational AI capabilities, Orchestrate helps to resolve ambiguous conversations so users don’t struggle to navigate through complex digital experiences.

Clear the lists Show, Tell, Do for outcome-driven experiences

With the assistant builder from Orchestrate you can design a variety of self-serve experiences with no-code tooling: guide users through existing digital journeys, offer informational help, or complete tasks on their behalf. AI assistant builder integrates the power of Large Language Models (LLMs) and conversational capabilities of watsonx Assistant to enable responsive and interactive conversation between the users and Orchestrate.

Extend to existing skills and automations
Simplify your day 

Using a catalog of skills, Orchestrate automates time-consuming tasks and handles them faster, so you can focus on higher value work. Configure skills by using the no-code Extension framework to call back-end systems or leverage existing automations and pre-built skills.

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Integration that works for you

Orchestrate taps into the tools you use every day, from collaboration and communications to analytics and applicant tracking. Orchestrate integrates leading productivity and collaboration apps so you can get the information you need, when you need it.

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