Accelerate responsible, transparent and explainable AI workflows. Now in Tech Preview. General availability expected in December.
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‘Break open the black box’ with AI governance

The more AI is embedded into daily workflows, the more you need proactive governance to drive responsible, ethical decisions across the business. Watsonx.governance allows you to direct, manage, and monitor your organization’s AI activities, and employs software automation to strengthen your ability to mitigate risk, manage regulatory requirements and address ethical concerns without the excessive costs of switching your data science platform—even for models developed using third-party tools. 

Watsonx.governance will be generally available in early December. Read the news.

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The value of building responsible AI Operationalize AI governance   

Accelerate model building at scale. Automate and consolidate multiple tools, applications and platforms while documenting the origin of datasets, models, associated metadata and pipelines.

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Manage risk and reputation

Enable responsible, explainable, high-quality AI models, and automatically document model lineage and metadata. Monitor for fairness, bias and drift to detect the need for model retraining.

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Support regulatory compliance

Use protections and validation to help enable models that are fair, transparent, and compliant. Automatically document model facts in support of audits.

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A powerful toolkit for AI governance

Operationalize AI workflows, increase efficiency and accuracy at scale  Access automated, scalable governance, risk and compliance (GRC) tools that span operational risk, policy, compliance, financial management, IT governance and internal/external audits. Proactively detect and mitigate model risk and translate AI regulations into enforceable policies for automatic enforcement. 

Track models, drive transparent processes  Monitor, catalog and govern models from anywhere across the AI lifecycle. Increase predictive accuracy by proactively identifying and mitigating bias, drift and the need for model retraining. 

Capture and document model metadata for effortless report generation  Model validators and approvers can access factsheets for an always up-to-date view of model lifecycle details. Model facts drive explainability and provide support for audits, stakeholder, stockholder or customer requests.    

Increase visibility and explainable AI outcomes  Use collaborative tools and dynamic, user-based dashboards, charts and dimensional reporting. Increase visibility into processes and the ability to explain model results, while fostering an environment where compliance becomes an organizational-wide responsibility.

Ways you can put governance to work

Optimize profitability  Implement fair, transparent approval processes, free of bias.  Provide automated documented model facts to support credit decisions. 

Critical decisions require accuracy  Avoid inaccurate, potentially harmful recommendations for diagnosis and treatment.  

Improve demand forecasting  Increase accuracy, and improve process efficiency and productivity over time. 

Drive fair hiring practices  Ensure fair decisions, proactively detect and mitigate bias, and provide documentation for audit support.  

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