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Accelerate mainframe application modernization with generative AI
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AI-powered application modernization to enable enterprise agility

IBM watsonx™ Code Assistant for Z is a generative AI-assisted product built to accelerate mainframe application modernization at lower cost and with less risk than today’s alternatives.

This product provides an end-to-end application developer lifecycle that includes application discovery and analysis, automated code refactoring and COBOL to Java conversion. Developers can automatically refactor selected elements of an application and continue modernizing in COBOL, or selectively transform code to Java leveraging generative AI using a highly tuned state-of-the-art large language model.

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Benefits Increase developer productivity

Accelerate code development and increase developer productivity throughout the application lifecycle.

Cut risks and costs

Lower the total cost and complexity of mainframe application modernization initiatives.

Reduce time to value

Reduce time to value for application modernization by using automation and AI recommendations.

Extend skills

Provide developers tools to expand their skills and support modernization initiatives. 

Maintain service quality

Maintain mainframe qualities of service and support fit-for-purpose deployment.

Leverage curated foundation model

Gain access to an out-of-the-box, IBM-trained large language model tuned for COBOL to Java translation.


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*IBM watsonx Code Assistant for Z includes an on-prem and as a service component. When the components are purchased together, watsonx Code Assistant for Z includes the referenced generative AI capabilities