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The time your staff struggles to find information in a maze of HR-related sources is time wasted. Your managers and employees need to access a variety of HR apps, using different channels, causing frustration and a major time drain—resulting in HR professionals repeatedly losing valuable time responding to simple questions.

To improve employee experience and drive efficiency, IBM watsonx Assistant uses best-in-class natural language understanding (NLU) to provide easy access to HR policies and automate often-requested tasks. IBM watsonx Assistant’s conversational AI can be quickly configured to learn about your business and integrate with your technology solutions. This unified HR support experience reduces employee frustration, improves employee engagement and cuts the operational burden on your HR professionals—so they focus on the human aspect of Human Resources.

Benefits Improve employee experience

Employees ask lots of questions and an HR virtual assistant can find answers to their most-often asked questions quickly and easily. With an HR chatbot, reduce process complexity to save employees and your HR staff untold hours and frustration, helping prevent staff burn-out and improve employee satisfaction.

Integration speeds interactions

Automate processes across multiple backend systems through a single conversational UI to help streamline efficiencies for employees and the HR team that supports them. Remove the tedious, multiple steps of dealing with HRIS systems.

Greater insights into employees

Built-in analytics help your HR professionals understand what your employees are thinking so you can be proactive instead of reactive to their needs. Identify gaps and support your employees when and where they need to make your HR team members more effective.

HR chatbot use cases

Across HR Through its conversational interface, HR automation can assist employees and HR staff with a wide variety of company policies and functions, including: vacation, parental, and other leaves; insurance; retirement accounts including pension and 401k; health and wellness; disability coverage; family benefits; and life insurance. 

Compensation An AI-powered HR chatbot can automatically answer sensitive, but often-asked questions about: milestone recognition and appreciation, awards program, salary and raise guidelines, promotion and demotion, AHA policy, and employee equity.
Travel and expense Employees and HR professionals can quickly find answers to their questions about: corporate card usage, approvals, expense reports, hotel/car/flight bookings, troubleshooting, Concur access, and/or other expense integration. 

HRIS Your Human Resources Information System can assist employees and staff with: transfers, bank information, time off / PTO, resignations, accounting information, alerts/notifications, Workday, or other HRIS integrations. 

Diversity and inclusion Anti-harassment policy, diversity training, bias training, sexual orientation, discrimination, and bullying

Results Using AI-powered watsonx Assistant, HR leaders have experienced these significant improvements in their HR operations and workflows. 75% Time saved

Reduce the time employees spent on common HR tasks by 75%.

+14.7% Accuracy

Up to 14.7% better than competition at understanding employee intent.

<1 year Payback period

ROI can begin under 1 year with as few as 500 employees. Even faster with more employees.

Case studies Telstra
Australia’s largest telco built a simple routing chatbot named Codi, which handles multiple internal and external tasks, collectively saving an estimated AUD 10 million. With a fine-tuned natural language engine, Codi is a full-service digital concierge.
ENN Group
This energy giant in China enables employees to get status updates on internal processes, such as expense reports, without logging into individual internal systems or performing manual queries.
NHS Trust
The East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust medical group launched Enquire, a new intelligent virtual assistant powered by IBM watsonx Assistant on IBM Cloud, to alleviate the administrative workload of HR employees, freeing up their time for more complex, value-adding tasks, while providing a 24/7 support service for all staff.
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24/7 answers from a single source Unify the employee experience of HR tools through a single interface, fully integrated with your backend systems, enabling automation of often-needed tasks. Through its conversational interface, employees get answers to their pressing questions in real-time via the Web, Slack, Microsoft Teams, or mobile. Learn about integrations

Easy chatbot creation Enable HR professionals with no previous AI chatbot experience to quickly author and deploy new capabilities. Pre-built skills, AI, and automation speed the creation of HR bots for faster deployment and greater efficiency. Learn about visual builder

Powerful analytics Understand employee needs with greater visibility into which HR processes your employees use most and which they wish existed. Your HR department can better understand employee trends, based on the most often-asked questions and usage patterns. Chatbots analyze employee questions to learn automatically and deliver continual improvements. Learn about analytics
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watsonx Assistant can be quickly configured to meet the special needs of your department.

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Powerful customer service chatbots increase sales with quick and accurate answers while saving contact center budget.
Powerful AI chatbot marketing software helps you improve customer experiences and boost lead generation with fast, personalized customer support.
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