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Our next-generation enterprise studio for AI builders

IBM® watsonx.ai™ AI studio is part of the IBM watsonx™ AI and data platform that brings together new generative AI capabilities, powered by foundation models and traditional machine learning into a powerful studio spanning the AI lifecycle. With watsonx.ai, you can train, validate, tune and deploy generative AI, foundation models and machine learning capabilities with ease and build AI applications in a fraction of the time with a fraction of the data.

Now available: watsonx.governance

Accelerate responsible, transparent and explainable AI workflows for both generative AI and machine learning models

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Use open-source frameworks and tools for code-based, automated and visual data science capabilities–all in a secure, trusted studio environment.

Tune foundation models for your business

Leverage foundation models and generative AI with minimal data, advanced prompt-tuning capabilities, full SDK and API libraries.

Manage the full AI lifecycle

Accelerate the full AI model lifecycle with all the tools and runtimes in one place to train, validate, tune and deploy AI models across clouds and on-premises environments.

Generative AI capabilities with a proven studio for machine learning powered by foundation models
Foundation models Clients have access to IBM selected open source models from Hugging Face, as well as other third-party models including Llama-2-chat and StarCoder LLM for code generation, and a family of IBM-trained foundation models of different sizes and architectures. These models start with Slate for non-generative AI tasks and the Granite series models that use a decoder architecture to support a variety of enterprise NLP generative AI tasks. Explore foundation models in watsonx.ai

Prompt Lab Where AI builders can work with foundation models and build prompts using prompt engineering. Within the Prompt Lab, users can experiment with zero-shot, one-shot, or few-shot prompting to support a range of Natural Language Processing (NLP) type tasks including question answering, content generation and summarization, text classification and extraction.

Tuning Studio Subsequent watsonx.ai releases will include capabilities for prompt tuning and fine-tuning foundation models as part of our Tuning Studio to help tune your foundation models with labeled data for better performance and accuracy.1

Data Science and MLOps All the tools, pipelines and runtimes powered by foundation models, a data scientist would need to support building machine learning models automatically. Automate the entire AI model lifecycle from development to deployment with connections to a variety of APIs, SDKs and libraries.

Experiment with prompt engineering in the Prompt Lab

In the Prompt Lab, leverage foundation models to create better AI, faster. Experiment with different prompts for various use cases and tasks. With just a few lines of instruction you can draft job descriptions, classify customer complaints, summarize complex regulatory documents, extract key business information and much more. Quickly tune models for your specific business needs using the latest open source and IBM trained foundation models.

Generate content, no code required From writing marketing emails to creating customer personas, watsonx.ai is your new creative partner. Just specify what you want, set the parameters and let the AI do the work.

Build a classifier without training With as few as zero examples, watsonx.ai can read and classify written input. For example, it can evaluate and sort customer complaints or review customer feedback sentiment.

Save time with high-quality summaries Like a skilled assistant, watsonx.ai can help transform dense text into your personalized executive overview, capturing key points from financial reports, meeting transcriptions and more.

Extract information with no pre-training Let watsonx.ai sort through the complex details and help you quickly pull the information you want from large documents. Identify named entities, parse terms and conditions and more.

Bring traditional AI into production, faster

Build models either visually or with code, deploy and monitor with end-to-end lifecycle explainability and fairness. Use MLOps to simplify model production from any tool and provide automatic model retraining.

Create automated pipelines Single collaborative studio for data scientists to build, train and deploy machine learning models. It supports a wide range of data sources enabling teams to streamline their workflows. With advanced features like automated machine learning and model monitoring, users can manage their models throughout the development and deployment lifecycle.

Optimize models to make decisions Decision optimization streamlines the selection and deployment of optimization models, and enables the creation of dashboards to share results and enhance collaboration.
Develop predictive models visually With easy-to-use workflows, you can combine visual data science with open source libraries and notebook-based interfaces on a unified data and AI studio.

Accelerate the entire AI lifecycle With AutoAI, beginners can quickly get started and expert data scientists can speed experimentation in AI development. AutoAI automates data preparation, model development, feature engineering and hyperparameter optimization.

Generate synthetic tabular data Generate a synthetic tabular data set leveraging your existing data or a custom data schema. You can connect to your existing database, upload a data file, anonymize columns and generate as much data as needed to address your data gaps or train your classical AI models.

Kick off your AI use cases with watsonx.ai

Bring your own models or work with a suite of curated foundation models offered by IBM. Experiment with open source models through the IBM and Hugging Face partnership to meet the needs of your business.

Collect, create and share knowledge Build a Q&A resource from a broad internal or external knowledge base across your company’s proprietary data to share organizational insights. With the help of generative AI, you can analyze multiple documents and data inputs, provide effective responses based on real-time information feeds and improve documentation quality.

Extract insights and discover trends Analyze large amounts of data to identify and extract insights or facts from documents or reports, customer interactions, security or IT incidents. Discover patterns, trends or anomalies that occur within the data with the use of generative AI. From the themes extracted, traditional AI and ML algorithms can then forecast and make predictions, such as calculating credit risk, future sales, demand forecasts and inventory management, specific to the user's needs and business requirements. 
Generate synthetic tabular data Generate synthetic tabular data to protect sensitive information during testing stages. Address data gaps and reduce the risk of exposing an individual’s personal data by taking advantage of data created artificially through computer simulation or algorithms. Further build and test AI and ML models with synthetic data to overcome data gaps and, in turn, improve speed to market with new AI solutions.

Generate content, technology and code New technology, content and code can be created through the power of generative AI to support developer and business user productivity across a range of business domains. The content generated can include lesson planning and curriculum development, ideas for marketing and sales campaigns, emails, blogs, social media posts, product demonstrations, synthetic data images, technical documentation, user persona development, automated reports, scripts and more.

Partner with us to deliver enhanced commercial solutions, embedded with watsonx.ai, to better address clients’ needs.
Client stories Businesses are excited about the prospect of tapping foundation models and machine learning in one place, with their own data, to accelerate generative AI workloads Explore more client stories AddAI.Life

“Watsonx.ai proved to be very useful. In our research, we liked how it helped our customers (and our development team) to simplify tasks and extend the assistant knowledge without the need to pre-set the whole dialog in advance. It is a next level for us and our customers.”

— Jindrich Chromy, CEO and co-founder, AddAI.Life

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CrushBank Technology, Inc.

“Providing IT agents with a comprehensive and accurate information source quickly and reliably eliminates the need to go through multiple documents manually. Integrating watsonx.ai capabilities with our data information sources, we can correlate and summarize information from various documents, delivering concise natural language answers.”

— David Tan, CTO, CrushBank Technology, Inc.

Technology Dynamics, Inc.

“Watsonx.ai allows us to slash delivery time from 3-4 months down to 3-4 weeks for many customer care use cases.”

— Marc Martina, President/CEO, Technology Dynamics, Inc.

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