Support your critical decisions with data-driven solutions

Regardless of the type of space — public structures, corporations, businesses or campuses — it can be difficult to know when and how to safely bring people back. Watson Works™ addresses the three biggest areas organizations are grappling with today.

Re-entry and facilities management

Use data to decide how and when to safely return to workplaces while protecting employee privacy

Watson Works gives you the tools you need to determine when to return by using workplace health and community risk insights. A centralized command center offers near real-time assessments of community risks and gives users and employees a single source of health and workplace re-entry information.

Simultaneously, Watson Works helps you make sure your facilities are ready by tracking critical initiatives, such as installation of new barriers, personal protective equipment (PPE) access, signage and health screening areas. Equally important, Watson Works has the ability to monitor who is using your spaces and when, configure seating to meet social distancing guidelines and make the most of outdoor spaces. 

Illustration of professionals entering an office practicing social distancing with masks
Illustration of professionals wearing masks and working within marked boundaries

Workplace safety

Monitor your facilities to help guard employee safety

Use Watson Works to keep your people safer. You’ll find the solutions you need to implement expanded cleaning protocols, help employees with self-service apps to easily report safety issues and reserve space in advance, and monitor critical factors such as capacity thresholds, PPE inventory, social distancing, mask usage and compliance with “no-go” zones.

Contact tracing and care management

Responsibly trace potential exposures and help employees access services

Watson Works puts technology in the hands of users in the form of an app so that they can document symptoms, signal their need for services and participate in contact tracing interviews to identify others who were potentially exposed.

In addition to helping spot those first signs of infection, Watson Works can support your team with a care plan of suggested services, benefits and regular check-ins throughout their recovery. You’ll be able to stop the spread with automatic work orders for enhanced cleaning and receive reports on the impact to your locations.

Diagram of contact tracing within a room

Get started today

Since every organization is different, the best way to get started is to schedule a consultation with an IBM representative who can:

  • Answer initial questions and provide more background and details about Watson Works
  • Suggest the best entry point to suit your business need
  • Share flexible pricing details and explore options based on your budget and time frame