Re-entry and facilities management

Use data to decide how and when to safely return to workplaces and guard employee privacy

IBM Digital Health Pass

Designed to provide organizations with a smart way to bring people back to a physical location:

  • Verify health credentials for employees, visitors, and customers entering a site based on criteria specified by the organization
  • Design rules for configuring a health pass based on any number of data sources, such as test results or temperature scans
  • Help organizations address multiple use cases for returning to a workplace, school, stadium or airline flight that can be incorporated into existing ecosystems
  • Enable individuals to manage their personal health information though an encrypted digital wallet on their smartphone
  • Allow individuals to share their health pass in a way that is secured, verifiable, and trusted


→ IBM Digital Health Pass puts privacy first


Ensure readiness across your facilities by organizing spaces and implementing new protocols:

  • Create space plans for social distancing and use AI to monitor occupancy to adhere to capacity requirements
  • Enable more reservable spaces for booking in advance
  • Deliver workplace services (such as room reservations and cleaning requests) for employees where and when they need them
  • Manage new facilities projects (for example, signage, health check stations, barriers and more)
  • Ensure new cleaning and maintenance procedures are in place and managed
  • Monitor inventory by location for critical supplies

IBM Workplace Health Advisor

Help organizations monitor and manage population health status and risk due to COVID-19: 

  • Prioritize the health, safety and productivity of your workplace
  • Summarize employee health status, COVID-19 community health risk and other data across worksites in a visual command center
  • Incorporate self-attestation data from employees to monitor workforce availability  
  • Engage employees with a single source of health and workplace re-entry information 
  • Communicate re-entry status and next steps for accessing testing and medical care

Business people wearing masks in office meeting

Workplace safety

Monitor your facilities to help guard employee safety

IBM Maximo Safety

Help guard worker safety through careful monitoring of adherence to new policies and protocols:

  • Monitor occupancy to better understand capacity levels, density and number of people in a specific space
  • Track the distance between individuals to provide social distance scoring
  • Detect face mask usage based on a video feed
  • Identify elevated body temperature as an indicator of potential unsuitability for work.
  • Determine if occupancy levels have exceeded a client-defined threshold
  • Designate certain areas as no-go zones and alert supervisors when breached

Contact tracing and care management

Responsibly trace potential exposures and help employees access services

IBM Watson Care Manager

Use contact tracing and care management to slow and stop transmission of COVID-19:

  • Manage and track COVID-19 positive individuals by understanding symptoms and infection period
  • Document case information needed for workers compensation claims and short-term disability
  • Perform contact tracing to mitigate the spread of infection
  • Encourage exposed individuals to self-quarantine
  • Connect employees under quarantine with employer-sponsored social and health benefits and interventions
  • Administer outreach and management of regular check-ins through recovery
  • Protect employee health data with a HIPAA-enabled platform
  • Report on impact using employer requirements

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