What is Watson Talent Frameworks?

Watson Talent Frameworks is a ready-to-use library of job profiles and associated skills. It includes more than 3,000 general and industry-specific jobs covering over 2000 skills across 16 industries that have been developed over 30 years. Each profile includes job descriptions, key responsibilities, and associated skills.

Watson Talent Frameworks also includes interview questions, coaching tips, development goals, and prescriptive learning suggestions for each competency and skill level.

  • Job profiles can be customized to meet the needs of your organization.
  • Job profiles can be easily deployed across a wide range of HR applications, both IBM and non-IBM.
  • New jobs and skills are continually added, curated by Watson.

Over 3,000 job profiles available, each containing:

  • Profile Details: Information regarding job family, job description, and competencies.
  • Job Families: A summary of the job families associated with the business function.
  • Summary information about the group of jobs aligned with the job family.
  • Jobs: Job code, description, job band, job focus, and key job responsibilities.
  • Competencies: Competencies, also referred to as skills, needed for the job including competency type, proficiency level and behavioral statements.
  • Learning References: 10 to 15 references per competency to learning activities, books, websites, etc. that can help develop proficiency.
  • Development Statements: 3 to 5 suggestions per competency for developmental activities targeted to improve performance and/or increase proficiency.
  • Interview Questions: 3 to 5 questions per competency designed to help assess proficiency.
  • Coaching Tips: 3 to 5 tips per competency for managers to offer employees to improve performance or increase proficiency.

How can Watson Talent Frameworks help you?

  • job profile

    Stay current on job requirements


    For hiring, recruiters need an up-to-date job description with skills/competency levels necessary for the position. Sometimes the hiring managers don’t know what interview questions to ask to verify the skill level.


    Watson Talent Frameworks provides skill taxonomies and interview questions for over 3000 jobs across 16 industries.

  • data illustration

    Data to infuse AI into your HR applications


    Machine Learning relies on good data to learn from. It needs consistent “vocabulary” and accurate jobs and skills data. Better the data, more accurate the results will be.


    Watson Talent Frameworks provides accurate and comprehensive skills data for thousands of jobs. It provides a solid foundation to build AI applications, from interpreting paper resumes to matching skills to jobs.

  • skill gaps illustration

    Identify skill gaps


    Employees need to identify the skills required to progress their career and how to close the gaps.


    Watson Talent Frameworks provides skill proficiency descriptions, development statements and learning references. Employees can take those learning paths to gain new skills and advance their career.

  • goals illustration

    Set clear performance goals


    Managers need to set clear expectations for each job to objectively evaluate employee performance.


    Watson Talent Frameworks provides not just the skills but also the level of skill needed for each job and coaching tips for managers

Why select Watson Talent Frameworks?

Extensive and customizable

Get all the jobs and associated skills data for your industry, customized for your organization.

Curated by Watson

Keep your job and competency up-to-date by continually mining data, curated by Watson.

Easy to integrate

Integrate the library with your HR application to provide consistency in job and skill definitions across employee career lifecycle.

How are companies benefiting from Watson Talent Frameworks?

Case study Arcbest Logo

ArcBest developed key leadership skills

With many managers nearing retirement age, ArcBest wanted its new generation of leaders to carry on its values-driven culture.

Case study Goodwill Logo

Goodwill of North GA trains employees with the skills they need

Goodwill uses Watson Talent Frameworks to identify skill gaps to provide effective training, and to promote top talent.