Still using spreadsheets? See how IBM Watson Studio Desktop can speed data prep.

Still using spreadsheets? See how IBM Watson Studio Desktop can speed data prep. Learn more

IBM Watson Studio Desktop subscriptions include access to IBM SPSS Modeler subscription

Code-optional analytics on your desktop

IBM Watson® Studio helps you get to insights faster with self-service, drag-and-drop data analytics right from your desktop.

  • Eliminate time-consuming, repetitive tasks with automated data preparation
  • Uncover insights from unstructured data with text analytics
  • Build predictive models with or without coding leveraging a best-of-breed combination of self-service, no-code, visual modeling tools and open source capabilities
  • Easily access flat files, spreadsheets and major relational databases
  • Visualize your data with dozens of chart types and easily export your findings into presentations
  • Quickly and securely move models into production with IBM Watson Machine Learning Server (sold separately)

Learn more by watching these helpful videos:

→ Data Preparation in Watson™ Studio Desktop (06:00)

→ Text Analytics in Watson Studio Desktop

→ Data Visualization in Watson Studio Desktop (02:56)

Discover data analytics made easy

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What’s new with Watson Studio Desktop

Gartner peer insights customers' choice 2020

Gartner Peer Insights Customers' Choice

IBM has been named a 2020 Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice for Data Science and Machine Learning Platforms.

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Data prep: Watson Studio Desktop versus Spreadsheets

Take a look at the lives of two data analysts – one using spreadsheets and the other using Watson Studio Desktop.

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2020 Edison Award Winner

Watson Studio Desktop’s innovative and user-friendly design garnered a highly competitive 2020 Edison Award.

Business professionals working to improve business processes

Use case: Marketing campaign scoring

Download example data sets and a predictive model for measuring the success of a retail marketing campaign.

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Product documentation: Watson Studio Desktop

Learn how to add data to a project, refine data, and use IBM SPSS® Modeler flows with our Watson Studio Desktop documentation.

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Business benefits

Stop wasting time on repetitive tasks

Automate data profiling and data preparation with Data Refinery in Watson Studio Desktop.

Uncover new insights

Analyze unstructured data like call logs, emails and web pages with text analytics.

Get up and running in minutes

A unified user experience across desktop, cloud and local computing environments enables rapid adoption without extra training.

Build and train predictive models without coding

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