IBM Watson Studio Desktop subscriptions include access to IBM SPSS Modeler subscription

IBM Watson Studio Desktop subscriptions include access to IBM SPSS Modeler subscription Learn more

Key features

Data preparation

Harness the power of IBM Data Refinery to explore, prepare and refine data. An intuitive spreadsheet-like interface makes it easy to sample even the largest data sets and identify missing fields, outliers, unusual distributions and other data quality issues. You can then define transformations to remediate any problems before the modeling process begins.

Text analytics

Leverage text analytics to gain insights from unstructured data — reports, web pages, emails, call center notes and more.

Support for many data sources

IBM Watson® Studio Desktop can load data from flat files, spreadsheets and major relational databases.

Model development

Use the SPSS Modeler canvas embedded in Watson Studio Desktop to build models using a simple drag-and-drop design process. The intuitive graphical interface helps to visualize each step in the data mining process as part of a stream, so analysts and business users without coding experience can add expertise and business knowledge to the process.

Data visualization

Build sophisticated visualizations of your data analytics results and communicate the insights you've discovered by easily exporting them. Business users can explore their data sets with live charting and a large variety of charts and graphs.

Powered by subscription

Watson Studio Desktop is available as a monthly subscription without any term commitment, and with no need for license keys or manual updates. You can purchase the subscription software directly from the IBM Marketplace and be up and running in minutes. And with automatic updates, your version of Watson Studio Desktop will always be current.


Explore data sets, run experiments, describe your methods and share the results with your team. Notebooks provide an interactive environment where data, code and visualization exist side by side, so teams can repeat and verify each other’s methods and confirm results easily.

Machine learning methods and algorithms

Take advantage of decision trees, neural networks and regression models available from IBM SPSS® Modeler as part of Watson Studio Desktop. Include ARMA, ARIMA and exponential smoothing; transfer functions with predictors and outlier detection; benefit from ensemble and hierarchical models; support vector machine and temporal causal modeling; and employ time series and spatial AR for spatiotemporal prediction. Generative adversarial networks (GANs) and reinforcement also enable deep learning.

Project management

Create and manage projects to organize your data, models and documentation for both offline use and online collaboration. Combine your own data sets with assets from your organization’s data catalog, while maintaining full compliance with security and governance policies.

Visually build AI and machine-learning models

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Use cases: Watson Studio Desktop

  • An individual's legs taking a step to cross a street (other legs in background)

    Use case: Taking your first steps with data science


    • Data scientists are high-value employees, so it’s important to help them work productively from the day they join your organization.
    • Assembling a robust end-to-end data science workflow from open-source tools is time consuming and technically complex.
    • How can you get a small data science team up and running quickly, without a significant up-front investment?


    Watson Studio Desktop enables businesses to start small, giving data scientists all the tools they need to become productive quickly in an easy-to-deploy desktop solution.

    The subscription model allows user numbers to be scaled up or down instantly as the team evolves. And as the organization’s data science capabilities mature, it can expand to a full-scale cloud or local deployment, while retaining Watson Studio Desktop for offline work.

  • Man in airplane window seat looking out window and holding a telephone

    Use case: When the cloud isn’t an option


    • Regulatory constraints may prevent companies from uploading sensitive data sets to the cloud.
    • Research teams may be based in remote areas where network connections are unavailable or unreliable.
    • Users may want the ability to work with their data anytime, anywhere — for example, on a long-haul flight without a fast Wi-Fi connection.


    Watson Studio Desktop brings the power of IBM’s enterprise data science platform to the user’s own desktop or laptop. It provides virtually always-on access to data sets that are securely stored on the machine itself — freeing users from connectivity concerns and helping them stay productive, wherever they are working.

  • Aerial shot of two males and three females looking at circle graph on tablet

    Use case: Keeping data under control


    • Users are downloading and installing open-source data science tools from the internet, without oversight from IT security teams.
    • Important data sets are held on individual PCs, with no formal governance, backup or access management processes in place.
    • There is no line of sight to trace the lineage of models and data sets, making it difficult to check or audit the results of data science projects.


    Watson Studio Desktop provides a standardized platform that combines the best of open-source data science with productivity and automation tooling with security and data governance frameworks.

    Watson Studio Desktop enables users to work with data offline and if needed, sync it back with enterprise data catalog systems the next time they connect — keeping valuable data sets safe and making it easier to assure compliance with regulations and governance policies.

  • Man in data center looking at laptop computer

    Use case: Cutting IT support costs


    • Different groups of data scientists are using different versions of different tools on their PCs.
    • Auditing software versions and licensing across dozens of machines is time consuming for the IT team.
    • Patching and upgrading tools across the whole estate is labor intensive, and incompatibility issues prevent data scientists from working productively.


    Watson Studio Desktop acts as a single platform of pre-integrated components installed as a single application on Mac and Windows operating systems. While open enough to allow data scientists to choose their preferred languages, libraries and frameworks, it provides a focused set of integrated solutions, avoiding the fragmentation that occurs when data science teams can each choose different tools.

    With its flat monthly fee per user, Watson Studio Desktop simplifies license checking and auditing across the entire estate of desktops for improved efficiency.

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