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Banish the boring tasks that tangle up your workday with a personal digital employee from IBM Watson Orchestrate

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Let’s go from frazzled to focused

Every job function has tedious, repetitive tasks that are essential to the day-to-day business but eat into your schedule. What if you had a personal digital employee who could manage them seamlessly, automatically, and free up your valuable time? Imagine if your entire team had the ability to get more done quickly?

Meet digey. It’s you, multiplied. No badge required.

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Benefits Leave busywork behind

Your tasks will be done faster, but also more efficiently, since your digey doesn’t get distracted.

Do the work you love most

You can tackle the more interesting, creative problems you’ve been wanting to solve.




Get a fast start

Add more capabilities in minutes so you can get started and never stop learning and enhancing.

Your digey can do this, and more
Manage meetings Tackle the monster Meetings are great, but what comes out of them can throw your carefully planned schedule out the window. With your digey, spend less time dealing with the minutiae, and more time carrying out the action items that deliver results.

Clear the lists Banish tedious tasks Let your digey track key events, important dates and high-priority messages. Create and share new documents using templates that your digey can personalize. Email everyone on a list. So you can do the work you want to do.

Skills for digital worker
Simplify your day Your digey automates your time-wasting tasks, using a catalog of skills that represent the actions you would take — but handling them faster so you can get to the fun stuff. Explore digital worker skills

Integrations for digital worker IBM Watson Orchestrate™ taps into the collaboration and communications tools you use every day, integrating them with skills automatically. See integrations Outlook

Enables digey to perform various actions such as send mail, schedule meetings, add contacts, and more.

Learn more about Outlook integration
Oracle HCM

Enables digey to work with job descriptions, job postings and candidate follow up to help you find the strongest talent.

Learn more about Oracle HCM integration

Enables digey to create accounts, campaigns and contacts; track leads and opportunities; initiate orders, and more.

Learn more about Salesforce integration

Enables digey to source and nurture candidates, post jobs, get application information and share postings.


Enables digey to help create and update job requisitions, as well as manage candidate assessments.

Microsoft SharePoint

Enables digey to share lists, files and meetings so you can collaborate with colleagues, partners and customers.


Enables digey to send messages, follow up on job requisitions, share calendars and more.

Microsoft Teams

Enables digey to automate alerts, notifications and other repetitive tasks, as well as aggregate and streamline approvals.

Google Drive

Enables digey to store files in the cloud, share files, and edit documents, spreadsheets, and presentations with collaborators.

I’m always battling meetings. How does my digey help with those?

From invitations to updating calendars, from requesting agendas to sending reminders, your digey can handle the details that bog you down. Even call recordings can be automatically downloaded and sent to the participants, if you’d like.

Our budgets are always being cut. How could we add digital workers?

The good news is that you can get started for free, and individual digeys can be accessed for free. IBM believes everyone should have the opportunity to work smarter.

Is there a limit to the number of skills a digey can access?

No, your digey can continue to grow and learn with you by leveraging our continuously expanding list of skills within the catalog. Keep following us to track our frequent releases.

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