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Let’s dig deeper into digital work

Digital labor is an evolving concept, and there’s much to explore as it begins to shape the future of work. Want to know more about increasing collaboration and productivity? Or what partnering with a digital worker (digey) can do for you and your business?

Let’s make time for the want-to-do’s Work on the stuff that matters, and let your digey do the rest. Watch the video (1:17)

Take the stress out of the hiring process Your HR digey can create a job description, socialize it and make a list of the right candidates. Watch the video (2:24)

Blogs Read expert viewpoints on trending topics around business automation, human resources and more Digital workers vs. chatbots vs. bots: What’s the difference?

Explore the general differences between these automation types and when to use them.

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Rebuild and Empower your Workforce with Digital Labor

What if the Great Resignation is really the Great Upgrade? How will your business respond?

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Low-Code vs. No-Code

Understand the differences, and explore examples, of low-code and no-code software solutions.

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5 Best Practices for a People-First Approach to Adoption

Digital worker best practices to help businesses realize return on investment through greater productivity and better business outcomes.

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Digeys in action
IBM® uses Watson Orchestrate to transform job promotions Understand how it’s improving the quality of work for IBM human resources, and potentially, businesses everywhere. Learn more

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