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What IBM Watson Patient Synopsis can do for you

IBM Watson Patient Synopsis is a radiologist-trained artificial intelligence (AI) tool. It helps to efficiently inform clinical care decisions by extracting patient data from electronic health records (EHR). It projects the information via a single-view summary in sync with picture archiving and communication systems (PACS). 

In seconds, Patient Synopsis provides a summary view of information, in context to the patient, so radiologists can uncover relevant underlying issues. Patient Synopsis is designed to help construct more tailored, specific, concise and historical reports to better inform diagnostic decisions made by radiologists.

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Clinically focused

Aims to present patient context that might otherwise be hidden and could have an impact on reads.

Contextually informed

Seeks to present radiologists with relevant patient information based on structured and unstructured data.

Carefully connected

Provides radiologists with easy and direct access to clinical notes and the EMR should they need more detail on summary components during image interpretations.

With IBM Watson Patient Synopsis, you can:

  • Understand the deeper clinical context
  • Access highly relevant data
  • Gain information without disruption
  • Leverage an IT-friendly solution


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