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A retrospective AI-enabled data review tool

Watson Imaging Clinical Review* is a retrospective AI-enabled data review tool that helps support a reliable patient record in order to drive accurate, timely, and coordinated care decisions. It highlights both primary diagnoses and incidental findings for a more comprehensive patient problem list, which may help limit the need to re-test patients. This is a tool for hospital personnel to keep the patient's problem list up-to-date throughout his or her care journey.

*Available in the UK only

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Robust analysis

Interprets unstructured data from clinical reports using Watson text analytics capabilities.

Automated comparison

Compares clinical reports with the EMR problem list and recorded diagnosis to identify potential areas for reconciliation.

User alerts

Alerts the user of potential discrepancies in the problem list, including primary and incidental findings, to empower the physician to review and determine the necessary follow-up action.