Child Welfare: What is your data story telling you?

Full end-to-end functionality or modules to meet needs.

Intake module supports screening of referrals

This module provides a workflow that gives caseworkers guidance and tools to reach the screen in/out decision as quickly as possible.

It supports supervisory review and determination, and effectively refers children and families to protective services, or preventive services like counseling, child care, food and nutrition, or mental health services.

It supports all referral types and helps to identify additional community-based services available to the family.

Investigation module supports the investigation process

This module fosters accurate and complete documentation of all interactions, and helps the caseworker determine if the allegations of abuse or neglect are substantiated or unsubstantiated.

It supports assessments (including Structured Decision-Making (SDM) assessments developed by the Children's Research Center), captures interactions with case participants, enables a view of family history and includes built-in supervisor workflow for review of investigations.

Case management module helps organize and manage case data

This module provides support for all permanency goals, including reunification, foster care, adoption and emancipation; supports caseworkers in their creation of contact logs to capture interactions with case participants; enables creation and monitoring of outcome plans; supports child and family assessments; and maintains case participant information.

Collaboration module safely shares information across teams

This module assists caseworkers with the creation
and monitoring of outcome plans, child and family assessments,
and the creation and management of multidisciplinary teams.

In addition, it can help provide an integrated, dynamic assessment
and decision-making environment.

The module enables authorized individuals across organizations to view, act on and report information in the system pertinent to the child and family, which facilitates the achievement of outcomes.

Legal module manages court actions

This module facilitates the caseworker’s initiation of
court-required legal documents and management of legal
actions, enables the attachment of court documents as case
artifacts, records court orders and enables the caseworker to
manage case documentation concerning the child’s custody, placement and recommended services.

The module also helps the caseworker track legal actions
related to the child and parents, such as the child’s legal status
and administrative findings.

Resource management module supports provider management

This module provides a comprehensive toolkit for managing the details of affiliated service providers.

A dashboard with information specifically for resource managers includes wait-list entries, pending home studies, open inquiries, reservations and investigations awaiting approval; it enables the maintenance of information for each provider, including services, credentials, relationships, incidents, investigations and service inquiries.

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