Feature spotlights

Access to Shutterstock’s creative content

Easy licensing for direct access to Shutterstock’s incredible collection of photography, illustrations, vectors, video, cinemographs and music content is now available right within Watson Content Hub. Use advanced AI search capabilities to find the right content, every time — include it in all your digital touch points including emails, social posts, web or mobile. It is now faster and easier to create exciting, fresh and engaging experiences more quickly than ever before.

User-friendly, intuitive UI

IBM® Watson® Content Hub helps you to locate and manage your content in one place with a user-friendly interface and inline help that gets you started more quickly. This content management system (CMS) stores and delivers content, and is not attached to a delivery environment such as a website. It delivers content via a rich application programming interface (API) that front-end developers can use to publish to multiple endpoints. This type of CMS is helpful for omnichannel delivery.

Integration with marketing tools

This CMS can be integrated with IBM Watson Campaign Automation so customers can quickly find and reuse digital assets across websites, emails and more delivering a consistent brand experiences across multiple marketing channels.

Cognitive tagging

This CMS helps content authors manage large repositories of content and provides automated tagging using the Watson Visual Recognition tool and other services to analyze images and documents that you upload. It analyzes content metadata and proposes tags from a library of thousands of concepts, objects, colors, ages, genders, etc. to more easily find the content that you need. Users can dismiss the tags if they don’t like them and add their own.


All of the IBM Watson Content Hub features are exposed via swagger-compliant Representational State Transfer (REST) application programming interfaces (APIs). It lets you more easily integrate content and content management functions inside your applications.

Web application hosting

IBM Watson Content Hub allows you to manage web assets inside of the content hub and publish them to the content delivery network (CDN) without needing to configure a separate web server.

Omnichannel delivery

This CMS presents the right display of images for a multichannel brand experience that is consistent across customer touch points, whether mobile, tablet or wearable with automatically generated image renditions.

Continuous feature updates

With agile delivery via the cloud, new innovations in IBM Watson Content Hub are always happening—updates as often as daily help ensure your platform is constantly improving.

Technical details

The software requirements for IBM Watson Content Hub follow.

  • Latest version of Apple Safari on Mac and iOS
  • Latest stable version of Google Chrome or Firefox on Windows, Linux and Android

Hardware Requirements

  • There are no hardware requirements for IBM Watson Content Hub.

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