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What does IBM Watson Content Hub Essentials Edition do?

It is a single, cloud-based content repository that allows you to manage content across websites, mobile apps and more. It analyzes and augments metadata using Watson cognitive services and includes a robust set of REST APIs and search capabilities to support an omnichannel digital experience.

What does IBM Watson Content Hub Standard Edition do?

It includes all of the capabilities of the Essentials Edition, plus the ability to manage a site structure, create web pages powered by layout templates and manage website publication. It includes a framework that allows developers to create custom templates for a consistent brand experience.

What type of content do the Essentials and Standard editions manage?

Both IBM® Watson® Content Hub Essentials Edition and IBM Watson Content Hub Standard Edition manage all types of content: documents, images, videos, websites and more.

What happened to IBM Watson Content Hub Plus Edition?

IBM Watson Content Hub Plus Edition is no longer required, and the parts have been hidden so that existing customers continue uninterrupted. You can no longer propose the Plus Edition.


What do IBM Watson Content Hub Essentials and Standard edition cost and how is it priced?

Both editions are sold on the basis of storage consumed and data transfer in and out. Consult your local price book for up-to-date prices in your country.

When will IBM Watson Content Hub Standard Edition be available?

It will be capable of building and delivering websites on 14 September 2017. Some features will be delivered via continuous delivery, with expected scheduled publication to be delivered in early Q4 2017. Other features will be documented via the roadmap document.

Is there an IBM Watson Content Hub trial?

Yes, you can access a 30-day free trial. IBM Business Partners® can request an extended trial (one per company) by sending an email request that includes the IBM ID used to obtain the free 30-day trial to Rebecca Taylor (

Is there support for the IBM Watson Content Hub trial?

Yes, you can get more information at the IBM Watson Content Hub developer forum.

Other common questions

Can Watson Content Hub be integrated with Watson Campaign Automation?

Yes, this integration allows customers to store, find and reuse digital assets across web sites, landing pages and email campaigns.

Is the extension free?

Yes. Customers can download from the Google Web Store.

What are the requirements for this integration?

Customers need to have purchased IBM Watson Campaign Automation and Watson Content Hub (or have an active trial); they need the latest version of Google Chrome browser with the extension installed and properly configured. 

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