IBM acquires Instana, a leading enterprise observability platform

IBM acquires Instana, a leading enterprise observability platform Read the blog post

See IBM Watson AIOps in action

Watch the video for a quick example of how IBM Watson® AIOps helps IT teams. In this scenario, Watson AIOps responds to an outage incident on an e-commerce site. An IT professional receives a real-time alert in Slack, with an incident report pointing to the problem and potentially affected services. Watson AIOps pulls insights from past incidents and uses a merged event management and application performance management workflow to recommend a solution. The IT professional can then quickly resolve the current issue.

For a deeper dive into how Watson AIOps can help IT teams unlock the solutions hidden in your existing data, try the click-through demo. See how Watson AIOps identifies and gathers signals across a variety of structured and unstructured data channels, including alerts, logs and tickets.

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Looking for Netcool?

You’re in the right place. IBM integrated the event management, topology and predictive insight capabilities of IBM® Netcool® Operations Insight into Watson AIOps. Watson AIOps is the latest evolution of your current Netcool or Omnibus entitlement.

Resolve incidents quickly

representation showing correct data being sent and received

Bring data together across application performance and event management to give your teams a complete and accurate view into your IT incidents, in one intuitive user experience. Watson AIOps helps you address complex IT issues quickly to minimize service disruptions and prevent outages by providing AI-driven real-time insights and recommendations.

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Journey to AIOps

stylized illustration showing journey to aiops

Organizations are increasingly looking for new ways to better manage their risk, reputations and financial performance using AIOps. Evolving teams and organizations do so by taking a prescriptive approach.

Understand: To take advantage of AI and sophisticated analytics, organizations need a solid foundation built with robust tools covering data types like metrics, events and logs. These data sources can provide valuable, real-time ground truth for managing complex applications and systems.

Anticipate: To leverage a strong foundation, organizations can employ tools to gain richer insights across data silos, including AI, machine learning and topology. These tools allow teams to anticipate and address risks proactively, and draw insight from more complex unstructured data

Automate: To build on a foundation enriched with topology, AI and other sophisticated tools, organizations can use automation to further reduce risk and cost, and employ more sophisticated strategies like ChatOps to manage their applications and environments.

With Watson AIOps

Connect the dots across data

Watson AIOps ties signals across structured and unstructured data from multiple sources to provide a clear view of anomalies, with linkages to sources for faster investigation and resolution.

Find anomalies in real time

Watson AIOps uses real-time data monitoring for rich insight and visibility as complex problems evolve, to allow quick diagnosis and resolution to mission-critical issues.

Leverage your existing tools

Watson AIOps uses pre-trained AI models tuned by data from your existing IT monitoring tools to give your teams valuable new insights specific to their environments.

How Watson AIOps works

Watson AIOps correlates disparate data across your toolchain to derive hidden insights and help you identify incident root causes faster. Eliminating the need for multiple dashboards, insights and recommendations are fed directly into your existing workflows so you can rapidly resolve IT incidents.

diagram showing insights and recommendations directly fed into workflows

Watson AIOps in the real world

Cargo ship with containers

Supply chain

The delivery of goods requires precision in timing and logistics.

Watson AIOps helps you keep these critical workloads running 24/7 to meet global supply chain needs and customer expectations.

Man with his left hand on the chin as he was analysing what is doing on the laptop computer and a cellphone charging on top of the table

Financial services

Financial transactions and trades require high-speed IT delivered across companies to customers.

Watson AIOps helps you address issues before they occur, or solve them in real time.

Woman holding a cellphone between her head and shoulder while holding a tablet device to write something


Any break in online purchasing availability means unhappy customers and a loss of revenue.

With Watson AIOps, you can monitor your complex e-commerce platforms in real time to ensure they’re back up and running after outages as quickly as possible.


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