Create engaging digital ads and experiences with AI

Deliver more impactful and insightful marketing experiences with AI-driven conversations built within a self-serve platform.

IBM Watson Advertising Conversations Builder is a conversational AI platform is designed for brand and agency marketers to quickly create and release conversational marketing solutions. Builder helps you create consumer-facing chatbots that can be activated almost anywhere HTML5 can be served, like kiosks, owned and operated websites, and at the scale of digital advertising. By using proven natural language services technology as part of a consumer engagement strategy, you can drive engagement, awareness and affinity for your brand.

Example of what users can create with Watson Ads Builder

Converse and learn with Conversations

Drive 1:1 conversations with consumers, powered by Watson, and garner valuable data that can influence business, creative and communication strategies for products and services.

Build experiences quickly and easily

Jump start development with integrated industry knowledge, content generation tools and streamlined content delivery to help deploy a best-in-class bot.

Drive higher value with conversational AI

Accelerate AI adoption across teams to deliver enhanced experiences that can help increase brand awareness, favorability and purchase consideration.

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