What IBM VS FORTAN can do for your business

FORTRAN is a programming language developed for applications involving mathematical computations and other manipulation of numeric data. It is especially well suited to scientific and engineering applications.

IBM® VS FORTRAN compiles FORTRAN code to generate efficient applications for the IBM z/OS® and IBM z/VM® platforms. It includes a compiler, a library and interactive debugging facilities.

VS FORTRAN provides extensive language capabilities, a highly optimizing compiler, vector and parallel support and programming aids. The Interactive Debug is a flexible and efficient tool to monitor and test the running of VS FORTRAN programs.


Scalar, vector and parallel processing

Performs vector and parallel processing and standard sequential (serial) processing within a single program.

IBM z/OS enhancements

Includes I/O and other enhancements for the IBM z/OS platform.

Language support

Complies with language standards and extensions.

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  • Scalar, vector and parallel processing
  • z/OS enhancements
  • Language support
  • Technical requirements