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What is IBM Cloud for VMware as a service?

IBM Cloud for VMware as a Service is VMware Cloud Director as a managed service on IBM Cloud.

IBM Cloud® for VMware as a Service delivers a VMware Cloud Director (vCD) stack that enables enterprises to build cloud computing environment to support their business. IBM performs the configuration, capacity management, monitoring, patching, upgrades and security of the underlying VMware software, through a highly available management backplane, so you can quickly deploy your VMware-based cloud computing environments.

You can purchase compute resources either at the host level, leveraging several IBM Bare Metal Server profiles, or on-demand compute resources at the vCPU, RAM and storage. With our multitenant consumption model, you can start with as small as 1 vCPU and 1 GB RAM.

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Benefits Scale capacity on demand

Buy or reserve compute capacity to match your needs. Provision any number of VMs of different sizes with a flexibility that allows you to manage your costs better.

Eliminate refactoring 

Seamlessly extend existing on-premises capacity into the cloud without refactoring your VMware workloads.

Simplify VMware Management

Focus on business needs by offloading day-2 operations like patching and monitoring of VMWare infrastructure.

Key features High availability

Leverage IBM Cloud to monitor, patch and maintain the VMware software with a management backplane and underlying hardware to a near-continous availability SLA.

Storage performance options

Avail two options such as Network File Storage (NFS) and vSAN. Multiple performance options for attached NFS: 2, 4, and 10 IOPS/GB in addition to providing vSAN storage. 

Go Single or Multitenant

Opt for either a single-tenant or a multitenant model for maximum flexibility. You can use multitenant for dev and test environments and single-tenant for production.

Flexible deployments

Resize your VMware deployments any time. Dedicated host scales from 32 to 96 cores, and 192 GB to 1.5 TB of memory. Multitenant starts as low as 1 vCPU and 1 GB of RAM.

Bare Metal profiles

Select profiles by CPU, memory and storage that are required to run targeted VMware workloads.

Add-on services

Use optional add-on services for backup, migration and disaster recovery. 

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