IBM Cloud for VMware as a Service
VMware infrastructure management simplified. You deploy, we manage.
Price starts at USD 27/month* Explore Managed VMware as a Service
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What is IBM Cloud for VMware as a service?

IBM Cloud for VMware as a Service is a managed service that delivers a VMware Cloud Director stack that enables businesses to build cloud computing environments that support their business needs.

Whether opting for a single-tenant or multitenant model, IBM handles the configuration, capacity management, monitoring, patching, upgrades, and security of the underlying VMware infrastructure, through a highly available management plane, so you can quickly deploy your VMware-based cloud computing environments.

You can purchase compute resources at the host level, leveraging several IBM Bare Metal Server and profiles, or on-demand compute resources at the vCPU, RAM, and Storage level. IBM Cloud is the only hyperscaler offering SAP-certified hardware for your VMware workloads as part of the single-tenant consumption model.

With our multitenant consumption model, you can start as small as 1 VM comprising 1vCPU, 1GB RAM, and 20 GB of Storage. Pricing starts from USD 27/month.

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Benefits Improve cost savings

Realize cost savings by opting for compute resources tailored to your unique workloads. Reserve capacity for continuous performance or buy on-demand for ephemeral workloads, you have the flexibility to manage your costs better. 

Simplify VMware management

Focus on your business needs by offloading the monitoring, patching and maintenance of the VMware management plane and underlying hardware to IBM.

Increase cyber resiliency

Experience improved business resiliency through integrated implementation of backup policies. Rely on full isolation of your workloads from the Public Internet on Multitenant, enabling secure migration of workloads. Benefit from IBM’s unique Keep-Your-Own-Key service- the highest-rated security achievable on the public cloud.

Key features Flexible consumption & performance options

Explore a  wide range of consumption options for Single-tenant (dedicated infrastructure) or Multitenant (on-demand vCPU, RAM, Storage resources) for maximum flexibility. Storage performance options include NFS (0.25, 2, 4 & 10 IOPs/GB and vSAN).

High availability

Leverage IBM Cloud to monitor, patch, and maintain the VMware management plane (VMware Cloud Director, NSX-T, vSAN, vCenter Server, vSphere, etc.) and underlying hardware to a 99.99% availability SLA.


Resize your deployments at any time by selecting from a range of host profiles by CPU, memory, and storage capacity required to run targeted VMware workloads including SAP-certified host machines.


Spin up new virtual data center environments in less than 20 minutes. Choose from on-demand billing with no upfront commitment, or a monthly reserved billing option.

Easy deployment through portal or APIs

Seamlessly manage the lifecycle of director sites and virtual data centers when using the VMware as a Service console or REST API.

Self-service Backup

Discover natively integrated backup capabilities, ensuring business resiliency. Choose from market-leading backup solution to back up your VMware resources on IBM Cloud.

Compare VMware as a Service tenancy models

This offering is currently available in the Dallas and Frankfurt region, with more regions coming soon.

VMwaaS Multitenant

VMwaaS Single-tenant

Recommended for

  • Workloads and applications that aren’t running 24x7 or require cloud bursting during peak demands
  • Users that want to get started quickly by deploying on infrastructure created by IBM
  • Users that prefer a pay-as-you-go usage, starting small and scaling up as needed
  • Users that need capacity reservation values smaller than 1 host
  • Use cases such as a cost-effective standby disaster recovery site or off-site VMware backups
  • Workloads and applications that require consistent performance
  • Workloads that require additional security provided by isolated, dedicated infrastructure
  • Workloads that could benefit from optimized host configurations (memory-intensive, storage-intensive, etc.)
  • Users that want the flexibility to manage infrastructure capacity directly

Charges and minimum requirements

  • From USD 27/month
  • Minimum 1vCPU, 1GB RAM and 20GB Storage
  • From USD 9,680/month
  • Minimum 2 servers (6 servers for vSAN profiles)

Infrastructure Capacity

  • Managed by IBM
  • Managed by your organization

Frequently asked questions

IBM Cloud for VMware as a Service Single-tenant is the dedicated consumption model offered as part of IBM’s hosted VMware Cloud Director service. It allows you to right-size your managed infrastructure with a wide range of host profiles and storage options to choose from. It is ideally suited for production applications and regulated workloads that require isolation.

IBM Cloud for VMware as a Service multitenant is the shared consumption model offered as part of IBM’s hosted VMware Cloud Director service. It allows you to request VMware VMs on-demand with no up-front commitment (billed hourly) or take advantage of guaranteed capacity and discounted pricing with the Reserved billing option (billed monthly).

Yes. In the Virtual Data Center (VDC) customers can define and use the IP ranges they want.

Yes, for VMwaaS Single-Tenant.

Capacity can be added or removed on a monthly billing model. Multiple types of servers can be added so you can add/change capacity or types by selecting another instance type.

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Price starts at USD 27/month*

*- Includes- 1 vCPU + 1 GB of RAM + 20 GB of storage