IBM Virtual Dev and Test for z/OS
Virtualized IBM® zSystems for z/OS® dev and test in Linux® on zSystems environments
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Virtualize for simplicity and agility

Virtual Dev and Test for z/OS is a zSystems development and test platform that runs on Linux on zSystems.  ZVDT enables mainframe operating systems, middleware, and other software to run on Linux on zSystems environments. This enables an agile development and test cycle with flexible and on-demand infrastructure for the initial phases of development with full control over the used infrastructure.

Benefits Enhance your DevOps agility

Improve version to version migration, develop and test z/OS applications using Linux on zSystems servers with full control over the used infrastructure.

Remove barriers with shift left testing

Achieve higher quality continuous integration and quicker delivery with a high fidelity z/OS development and test environment that runs under on-prem Linux on zSystems.

Empower DevOps teams

Programmers create z/OS application images more quickly, with the security and control they demand, while developers and testers auto-deploy them with just a few clicks.

Access latest z/OS runtimes

A preconfigured package of IBM zSystems software that includes z/OS and middleware, such as CICS®, IMS™ and Db2®, with z/OS components of multiple DevOps for enterprise systems tools.

z/OS development and test on IBM zSystems hardware under Linux on zSystems, on-premise IBM Virtual Dev and Test for z/OS provides a non-production isolated IBM zSystems environment running on Linux on zSystems on-premise. Build mainframe applications, implement and test code and environment changes before implementing them in production. Simple web based user interface

Web-based interface to build and automate deployment of z/OS dev and test environments. Create z/OS application images more quickly with the required security and control.

Current levels of IBM z/OS middleware included

Comes with as-is, unsupported z/OS software distribution including IBM IMS™, z/OS, Db2, IBM WebSphere®, z/OS Connect, COBOL, PL/I, C++, Java® and high-level assembler HLASM.

RESTful API for DevOps pipeline integration

Automation can be enabled in the process of creation and deployment of z/OS environments. With RESTful APIs, you can integrate our functionality into your DevSecOps pipeline.

Use cases Improve time to market

Clients may reduce their time to market leveraging scalable development and test environments running under Linux on zSystems.

Build your team’s mainframes skills

Conduct IBM zSystem education virtually any time and anywhere by using Linux on zSystems infrastructure—and experiment without fear of harming mainframe production environments.

Optimize development and test

Gain the cost advantages of a distributed development and test system while freeing up mainframe capacity for more valuable production workloads.

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