Feature spotlights

HD live broadcasting

With no caps on bitrate or resolution, your full HD content is passed through to the viewers.

Recording of broadcasts

Your broadcasts are recorded as a private video and it’s up to you whether you share it with your audience.

Mobile compatible player

Live and on-demand videos are available and viewable on virtually all devices with any screen size or bandwidth.

Video Distribution and Workflow

Simplify ingesting and compiling of metadata.

Live chat and Q&A

Utilize real time chat and Q&A modules, with built-in user management, moderation and user upvoting.


Get access to multiple CDNs (content delivery networks) for improved global reach and scalability.

Quality of service player

Integrated QoS features automatically switch between bitrates and CDNs for improved viewer experience.

Live playlists with looping

Schedule videos to playback at specific times or trigger automatic looped playback of live broadcasts.

Customizable channel page

Customize your page to align with your brand. Highlight past broadcasts, upcoming shows, and other important information for your viewers.

Developer APIs and SDKs