Identity orchestration
Build frictionless and security-rich user experiences by integrating your existing identity tools with no-code experiences and drag-and-drop visual flows
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Illustration showing no-code and drag-and-drop visual flows
Simplifying identity and access management (IAM) through orchestration

Identity orchestration is a dynamic integration framework that allows you to easily create identity journeys and user journeys. Instead of writing code, orchestration enables you to quickly design automated workflows for different identity use cases, including authentication, identity proofing and fraud detection.

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Benefits Design consistent, frictionless user experiences

Streamline consistent and frictionless experiences for your workers, partners and customer identities across the entire identity lifecycle. From account creation and login to passwordless authentication with passkeys and account management, IBM Security® Verify can orchestrate identity journeys across your identity stack.

Enable fraud and risk protection

Consistently and continuously overlay risk and fraud context across identity journeys. Clearly define how trusted individuals are granted access and untrusted users are mitigated with security authentication. Verify allows you to bring together fraud and risk signals to detect threats while also providing strong, native and phishing-resistant authentication.

Avoid vendor lock-in with identity-agnostic modernization

Bring your existing tools to apply consistent, continuous and contextual orchestration across all identity journeys. From existing directories and traditional applications to existing fraud signals, Verify enables organizations to use the many existing tools and assets across their IAM stack.

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