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Address privacy laws with easy templates to capture granular requirements and support self-service
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Build trust with data privacy

IBM Security® Verify provides a centralized decision engine to help automate consent determination rules across data usage purposes. There’s no need to reinvent procedures for every application. Verify can control how data should be collected, how it can be used and under what conditions consent is required.

IBM Security Verify product family

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Key features
Tie data usage to purposes Stipulate business purposes such as marketing promotions, communications or cookie management. For each purpose, specify access and retention parameters for relevant user attributes and to manage privacy. Walkthrough demo video (7:31)

Create custom privacy rules Specify conditions under which attributes and other purposes need user consent and create custom privacy rules. Search through all created rules to check for applicable conditions and to ensure coverage. Custom privacy rules

Apply purposes and EULAs Assign data usage purposes or end user license agreements (EULAs) to each application. Delegate data usage decisions to simplify updates. Maintain an audit trail of consent activity across apps. Data privacy and consent

Enable self-service Grant users the ability to securely handle basic entitlements themselves, such as password updates, while maintaining visibility and control. User consent
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