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IBM Security Verify for Consumer IAM Features

Simplify privacy and consent management

Data privacy regulations, such as GDPR and CCPA, require clear and transparent user consent management. Verify includes out-of-the-box workflows that help developers and privacy officers collaborate quicker and more accurately to embed requirements directly into applications while automating away unnecessary repetition. Templatizing granular requirements within a single portal allows developers to apply rules across different applications quickly.

Support modern passwordless authentication methods

Authentication methods evolve over time. Move beyond knowledge-based questions and SMS/email one-time passwords with mobile push notifications, user biometric verification, QR codes or FIDO2 passwordless authentication.

Integrate social login

Allow users to conveniently login with various social providers, from Google and LinkedIn to more region-specific providers.

Protect with risk-based authentication and adaptive access

Strike the balance between security and user experience by infusing continuous, risk-based authentication and fraud detection that informs dynamic access decisions. Make access frictionless for low-risk customers and only challenge multifactor authentication (MFA) when necessary, while simultaneously protecting against suspicious or malicious activity like credential stuffing, account takeover, fradulent devices and more.

Guide developers with the identity help they need

Developers shouldn't have to be identity experts to work with CIAM solutions. With Verify's extensible APIs, software development kits and guided experiences, developers can consume CIAM capabilities quickly and continue to focus on core application development.

Maintain a single identity for external users

Onboard any application to be centrally managed with Verify single sign-on (SSO), with integration options like OIDC and SAML 2.0. Managing multiple applications with Verify allows external users to maintain a single identity as they interact with your organization across channels, and progressive profiling along with consent management provides a consistent and transparent data sharing experience to reduce friction throughout their journey.

Implement user management and self-care

Build identity operations into your consumer-facing apps with easy-to-consume REST APIs for common user actions. Use pre-built templates for enrollment, registration, username/password reset and other identity operations.

Monitor activity and performance

Monitor the health of your authentication program with easy-to-use reporting on application usage, authentication transactions and token management details.

Talk to an expert and learn how Verify for Consumer IAM can address your use case.

Talk to an expert and learn how Verify for Consumer IAM can address your use case. Schedule a Consult

How customers use it

  • Screen shot of branded user registration page.

    User registration


    You need to build simple registration experiences that encourage external users to sign-up for your offerings or services.


    Verify enables customized, branded registration experiences that source only the necessary personal data, using progressive profiling as appropriate for the transaction at hand.

  • Screen shot of data privacy and consent rules interface in IBM Security Verify for Consumers.

    Privacy and consent management


    You need to keep up with evolving compliance regulations while respecting your users' desire for transparency regarding their data.


    Set privacy and consent rules and policies in Verify to templatize your requirements across applications with granular attribute control, enabling you to keep consent management up to date.

  • Screen shot of corporate access policy management interface in IBM Security Verify for Consumers.

    Risk-based authentication


    You need to put as little of a login burden on users as possible, while still keeping them safe.


    Verify merges fraud detection with identity and access controls to provide risk-based authentication and adaptive access, allowing low-risk users the frictionless experience they expect.

  • Image of passwordless authentication options available in IBM Security Verify for Consumers.

    Passwordless authentication


    You need to modernize your authentication capabilities to provide consumers with the flexibility and convenience they desire.


    Verify offers a wide array of passwordless options like mobile push notifications, QR codes, user biometric verification and FIDO2 hard tokens.

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