Business Value

Why Video Explorer Platform?

Video Explorer Platform is a full functionality platform for video analytics (computer vision) application development and deployment. It provides an application framework which could be configured and customized to adapt to customers’ business requirement and further integrate with customers’ business system. It could enable an enterprise to land a video analytics solution in very short time.
Co-worked with another asset the IBM Visual Builder (IVB), the customer could benefited from one station video analytics application development and deployment, which include image labeling, image augmentation, training, validation, and publish to Video Explorer Platform.

Key Features

Full functionality platform

Provide full functionality platform of video analytics application development and deployment, including data source management (video devices, images, offline video materials), real-time video browsing, image / slip extraction, transform, and storage, model mapping, event processing rule configuration, event presentation and notification.

Support GPU hardware configuration

Support GPU hardware configuration to adapt business requirement of camera scenarios.

Provide various runtime environments

Provide various runtime environments to support video analytics models on face recognition, object detection, and action classification.

Support quick configuration and deployment.

Support quick configuration and deployment. With trained model and customized event presentation, the solution could be on-production in very short time.

Micro-service Based

Micro-service architecture supported.

Support on-promise

Support on-promise deployment.

Key Benefits

  • With video analytics application, customers could completely use video devices without human resources to monitor them in 7*24. This will save a lot of people cost.
  • Enable customers quickly response to exceptions which captured and video devices
  • Automate business process when integrated with business system.

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