What is IBM UrbanCode Velocity?

IBM® UrbanCode® Velocity helps development teams and DevOps transformation leaders visualize work and creation of value as it proceeds from idea to customer.

How? By integrating, orchestrating and visualizing your existing DevOps toolchain and data. The IBM vision and strategy for the overall CDRA/DevOps market remains among the strongest in this Forrester Wave. Find out why IBM is named a leader according to The Forrester Wave: Continuous Delivery And Release Automation, Q2 2020. Get your copy of the report.

We make open source better. We provide governance on your existing toolchain and the value stream insights to improve business decisions.

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What UrbanCode Velocity can help you do

Tame heterogeneous pipelines

Bring together delivery pipelines into coherent release pipelines across different continuous integration and continuous delivery tools. See where everything is and coordinate delivery.

Optimize the value stream

Equip the business and DevOps teams with data to identify value creation, bottlenecks and team issues to create improvements.

Prepare for audits

Leverage the audit reports to show automation is complemented with appropriate controls and visibility into who has done what.

Manage releases

Orchestrate releases across multiple deployment tools.

Get DevOps metrics across your organization

Consolidate metrics across your organization from testing, security and more.

Establish governance

Provide governance across your tools across your organization.

Key features

Value stream management

Visualize, manage and optimize business leadership and team activities with a real-time view into your pipelines from idea to production.

Continuous delivery and release templates

Coordinate multiple continuous delivery pipelines together. Govern your software release process with templates to automate deployment steps.

Portfolio metrics for DevOps

Gain visibility into DevOps metrics across applications and teams from user stories to build data, service desk and team and application performance.

Product integrations


Traceability of work from idea to business value of Jira issues.


Get Native integration across the value chain. Transform your change advisory board.

Azure DevOps

Traceability of work from idea to business value of Azure DevOps work items.


Establish quality gates, approvals and visibility across a Jenkins pipeline. Schedule and orchestrate more complex release events.


Govern business value flow from Git commits and merge requests.


Visualize and derive value from Bitbucket artifacts.


Import test result data into UrbanCode Velocity metrics.


Measure value from test result data from JUnit.

SonarQube and more

Tested integrations with open source and third-party tools and technologies, as well as a flexible API/Graph QL interface and Plugin SDK.

Why IBM?

IBM UrbanCode paved the way for the DevOps revolution with some of the industry’s first CI/CD tools. Today, it is one of the most respected providers in the space and the leader in value stream management.

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