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Automation for engineers. ROI for CIOs. Essential for IT

IBM Turbonomic is a software platform that helps organizations optimize the performance and cost of their IT infrastructure, including public, private and hybrid cloud environments. With Turbonomic, you can:

  • Continuously automate optimization actions in real-time without human intervention
  • Proactively deliver the most efficient compute, storage, and network resources across your stacks
  • Avoid over-provisioning resources to your cloud environment
  • Increase ROI and lower your cloud bill by using only what you need
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Key use cases

Cloud cost optimization Contain costs while preserving performance with automatic, continuous cloud optimization. Learn more about cloud cost optimization

Cloud migration planning Accelerate your cloud migration, whether you’re going cloud-first, hybrid or multicloud with intuitive cloud migration planning. Learn more about cloud migration planning

Data center modernization Modernize your data center to meet demand. Learn more about data center modernization

FinOps automation Make data-driven cloud spend decisions and boost ROI in hybrid and multicloud environments. Learn more about FinOps

Kubernetes optimization Automatically determine the right resourcing actions at the right time and ensure mission-critical apps get exactly what they need to meet SLOs. Learn more about Kubernetes

Sustainable IT Reduce cloud and data center consumption to minimize your carbon impact and achieve sustainability initiatives. Learn more about sustainable

Attention VMware Customers!

It's time to rethink your VMware strategy. Optimize VMware cost and performance with IBM Turnonomic. 

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Trusted by small, medium and large organizations to drive results 2 million

USD saved through performance optimization.

Client spotlight: Providence

reduction in tickets.

Client spotlight: SulAmérica

automated resourcing actions in 90 days.

Client spotlight: Natura

The Turbonomic difference

Application performance at the lowest cost

Proactively optimize application resourcing to ensure performance at the lowest cost.

Automation that engineering, ops and app teams can trust

Automate actions and workflows seamlessly, freeing up your team to focus on strategic initiatives while maintaining peak performance.

Continuous resource optimization

Continuously optimize your environment in real-time. Ensure that your applications always have the resources they need to perform.

What-if planning scenarios

Explore various scenarios and make informed decisions about cloud migrations, hardware refreshes and more with our intuitive planning tool.

Eliminate fragmented data across siloed teams

Align cross-functional teams and ensure optimization across your entire stack through analytics that empower teams to make informed decisions.

AI-powered insights

Leverage AI-driven insights to gain a deeper understanding of your environment, identifying optimization opportunities and make data-driven decisions for your business.

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