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Dynamic IT resource management for continuous hybrid cloud optimization

IBM® Turbonomic® is a performance and cost optimization platform for public, private, and hybrid clouds with features that benefit organizations by providing full stack-visualizationintelligent automation, and AI-powered insights. Our software is part of the IBM IT automation family and can be integrated with a wide range of software and platforms that make up your environment.

Turbonomic allows you to continuously automate critical actions in real time—without human intervention—that proactively deliver the most efficient use of compute, storage and network resources to your apps at every layer of the stack. As a result, you avoid overprovisioning resources to your cloud environment and only use what you need, resulting in a lower cloud bill and a stronger ROI.

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Data and AI are foundational to a low-carbon world. See IBM at COP28.

Why IBM Turbonomic? Assure application performance

Intelligent automation understands the interdependencies between applications and infrastructure, proactively identifies bottlenecks, and takes corrective actions to enhance performance and availability.

Optimize IT resources in real time 

Application-aware analytics dynamically optimize resources ensuring that workloads receive the right amount of CPU, memory, network, and storage without over or under-provisioning.

Optimize costs 

Automate processes and eliminate guess work in resourcing applications, freeing up IT teams to focus on strategic priorities.

Align infrastructure and application teams 

Unified data model aligns infrastructure, application, and DevOps teams around a single view of application and infrastructure health in real time and over time.

Manage hybrid and multicloud

Integrations powered by a patented abstraction enable self-optimizing resource management from your own private data centers to AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud.

Integrate seamlessly 

Turbonomic seamlessly integrates with your organization’s existing tools enabling rapid time to value.

Features Full-stack visualization

Turbonomic software “stitches” your business-critical applications to your underlying resources at every layer of the stack. It continuously considers how each entity, such as a VM or container, works with and impacts every layer, increasing collaboration and cost-effective resourcing decisions.

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Intelligent automation

Automated actions enable the platform to work proactively on recommended resourcing decisions. Gain speed, elasticity and cost savings while mitigating performance risk and reducing cloud waste.

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AI-powered insights

Intelligent analytics drive actionable insights, dynamically resourcing apps for peak performance. Built-in, customizable dashboards offer detailed, real-time scorecards. It’s preventative, preemptive and precise.

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Use cases

Optimize your cloud costs Contain cost while preserving performance with automatic, continuous cloud optimization. Turbonomic software matches application demand exactly to cloud resources in real time. The software also accounts for cloud reservations, allowing you to purchase additional resources only when needed. Explore cloud cost optimization

Plan for cloud migration Turbonomic software offers intuitive cloud migration planning, allowing you to simplify and expedite your cloud migration, whether you're going cloud-first, hybrid or multicloud. Select your workloads and their migration destinations, along with discount pricing and licensing preferences. Turbonomic software then comes up with a cost-effective plan optimized for your cloud service needs. Explore cloud migration planning
Modernize your data center As workloads move to cloud platforms for greater elasticity, your data center doesn’t have to be left behind. With Turbonomic software, automated application resource management provides the optimization you need to get the most out of your data center. Explore data center modernization
Operationalize FinOps With increased public cloud spending, FinOps has emerged as the cloud cost management discipline for organizations looking to optimize cloud computing costs. FinOps engineering teams use the Turbonomic platform to operationalize FinOps automation and safely automate and integrate with any organizational workflow. This allows cloud and ITOps teams to cut cloud spend and multiply ROI. Explore FinOps automation
Optimize your Kubernetes environment Containerization promises to increase business velocity and help you reap the benefits of application elasticity. However, it can be hard to control complexity and meet service level objectives (SLOs). Turbonomic software simplifies the process by automatically determining the right resourcing actions at the right time. This helps ensure your mission-critical apps get exactly what they need to meet SLOs. Turbonomic software supports all upstream versions of Kubernetes. Explore Kubernetes optimization
Adopt sustainable IT Committed to sustainability? Here’s a quick win: Turbonomic software intelligently manages application resources and helps you reduce cloud and data center consumption, materially reducing your carbon footprint and helping you achieve your sustainability initiatives. Explore sustainable IT

Looking for digital transformation? Start with the Turbonomic platform to help ensure your critical applications always perform. Estimate your Turbonomic price today with our simple-to-use estimator.

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Case studies Saved over USD 2 million while assuring app performance

Providence, a healthcare leader for a century, partnered with Turbonomic for a game-changing shift to cloud infrastructure. Amid challenges like COVID-19, they migrated to Azure, saving over USD 2 million. This collaboration drives ongoing innovation, reshaping healthcare delivery.

Improved efficiency in their cloud environment by 45%

Using Turbonomic, Carhartt’s IT team optimized their hybrid cloud infrastructure, tackling Black Friday spikes. With our automated VM placement, they boosted their performance by 15% and are planning a seamless shift to 100% public cloud. 

Reclaimed 228 GB of memory in one month

BBC Studios, facing performance issues and resource contention, found a savior in Turbonomic. Resolving issues in their 1,000 VM environment, Turbonomic’s full-stack view and automation operations reduced complaints and downtime.

IBM Turbonomic for AWS. Explore cloud optimization you can automate continuously to help ensure application performance.
IBM Turbonomic wins top awards on G2, PeerSpot and TrustRadius
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