05. Deep integrations, greater savings

The IBM® Turbonomic® platform’s decisions ensure optimal performance at the lowest possible cost. When you add more technologies to your target list, the platform’s actions become even more effective. As you target multiple technologies and tools, Turbonomic software gains a better understanding of the relationships within your application stack. However, having multiple targets is not mandatory, as Turbonomic software can still optimize performance and reduce costs even with a small number of targeted technologies.

To target your existing technology and tools, begin by accessing the Settings menu and select Target Configuration.

Next, select New Target in the top right-hand corner.

From here, select the target category you’d like to begin with.

Many of our customers like to initially integrate our software with their cloud provider, hypervisor, and/or Kubernetes cluster to begin the optimization process.

If you were to target your APM solution with the Turbonomic platform, our software would receive additional data from the APM tool, providing a deeper understanding of the applications running in your environment. This would enable Turbonomic software to offer additional actions to maintain application health and make infrastructure decisions based on application metrics such as response time and transaction time. For on-premises customers who want to optimize further down the infrastructure stack, targeting their storage or converged fabric integrations can result in better infrastructure decisions.

To see the Turbonomic platform's complete understanding of the application stack, select Show All in the Top Business Applications widget.


Here, you can access a list of all your business-critical applications. From there, you can select a specific application to investigate further.

In the Mobile Banking Transfers application, you can access a comprehensive view of all the components that make up the application, from the business-critical application all the way down to the physical infrastructure. You can review the Pending Actions widget to see what actions are necessary to ensure the application's optimal performance and achieve the desired state. Furthermore, the response time and transaction data for the application are displayed in their respective widgets. This view is available for all individual applications within an environment.

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