02. Decisions, not alerts

In today's market, there are many monitoring solutions that detect issues once they have already occurred in an environment. Regardless of whether the issue occurred yesterday or is yet to occur tomorrow, a human receives the notification and then must take action to solve the problem.

IBM Turbonomic breaks this cycle by generating actions that prevent problems before they even occur. By automating our software's decisions, you can avoid troubleshooting, downtime, and customer dissatisfaction.

To address problems within an environment, users can take the actions generated by our software either manually or automatically. The Action Center contains a list of all the actions generated by our software and can be found within the Pending Actions widget.

Once in the Action Center, you can view all the actions generated by our software to optimize performance and reduce costs. Within the Scaling Volumes section, some of the actions are categorized as Performance actions, indicating that taking them will improve performance. You can also view the cost of resourcing the volume before and after taking the actions.

To start taking immediate actions, we recommend beginning with non-disruptive actions to avoid disturbing the current environment. To do this, select Add Filter, then select Non-Disruptive.

The Scale Volumes action list will then display all the non-disruptive actions within this category.

From here, you can manually select which actions you want to execute by checking off the box on the left-hand side of the action. You can select as many actions as you desire.

If you want to learn more about a specific action, select Details.

The action details will provide a detailed explanation of what problem this specific action will resolve, and what the state of the volume will be before and after the action.

Chapter 3

Continuous cost optimization