03. Continuous cost optimization

Not only does IBM Turbonomic help you avoid performance issues from ever occurring in the first place, but our software also helps you avoid overallocation and overspending on resources. You can trust Turbonomic's cost-saving actions because our software takes performance metrics into account to ensure issues do not arise after scaling down. As a result of our software’s dynamic actions, when an application's demand changes, Turbonomic automatically scales your resources back up.

Cost optimization is not a one-time exercise; it is a continuous process.

The Action Center is where users can view all the actions generated by Turbonomic to reduce costs and optimize performance. Specifically, when focusing on the Scale Virtual Machine action category, you can see a list of all the cost-saving actions that you can take.

You can manually select any number of actions to execute by checking the box on the left-hand side of each action. Alternatively, all of these actions can be automated.

To learn more about a specific action before executing, select Details on the right-hand side.

The Action Details section provides a comprehensive explanation of the problem that each action will resolve, its impact on resources, and your potential cost savings. In the example below, Turbonomic recommends reducing the VCPU by 78.47 GHz, resulting in a cost decrease of USD 0.316 per hour. By executing this action, it’s possible to save USD 230.28 per month while ensuring continuous performance.

To view how much Turbonomic can save you per month, navigate to the Potential Savings widget in the cloud tab. This widget shows the total potential savings from executing all of the recommended cost-saving actions, which in this case would be USD 14,710 per month.

To see all the cost-cutting actions Turbonomic generated, you can click on Show All in the Potential Savings widget. In the example below, the first virtual machine listed is named 'PT_OVA_863B', which matches the name and information of the virtual machine shown 4 images above, confirming the action as a Savings action.

Chapter 4

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