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How it works

With ServiceNow, users can manage change management and configuration workflows. The IBM® Turbonomic® platform is designed to continuously help ensure that applications get the resources they need to perform across all environments. IBM Turbonomic software helps ensure application performance by enabling organizations to work at DevOps speed. This is accomplished by recording, approving and tracking software decisions and actions.

Clients can configure IBM Turbonomic software policies to log Turbonomic actions in their ServiceNow instance, submitting actions for approval in ServiceNow workflows. The IBM Turbonomic platform supports ServiceNow Paris, Madrid, New York and Orlando. Deploying the ServiceNow integration can be done directly from the ServiceNow Store here (link resides outside of and IBM Turbonomic platform documentation is available here.

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ServiceNow is one of two orchestration integrations available for the IBM Turbonomic platform. Learn how you can establish workflows into almost any HTTP API endpoint that supports a POST method.

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Securely integrate with any modern HTTP API to notify or execute on IBM® Turbonomic® actions.


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