Nutanix integration
Recognize storage tiers when calculating placement of VMs and vStorage and take actions to scale flash capacity
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Illustration of Nutanix integration for Turbonomic
How it works

Nutanix products provide hyperconverged platforms that include VM hosting and a distributed storage fabric. The platform presents storage in two tiers: local HDD storage and server-attached flash storage (hot storage). The platform is designed to be easy to use and integrate with a various number of other tools. 

The IBM® Turbonomic® platform recognizes Nutanix storage tiers when calculating placement of VMs and vStorage. In addition, IBM Turbonomic software can recommend actions to scale flash capacity up or down by adding more hosts to the cluster, or more flash drives to the hosts. 

Data discovered


  • Storage

  • Disk array 

  • Storage controller


  • Storage amount

  • Storage provisioned

  • Storage access operations per second (IOPS)

  • Latency

  • CPU

Actions generated

  • Move VM

  • Move VM (host)

  • Resize VM

  • Provision storage 

  • Resize storage

  • Suspend storage

  • Move storage (recommendation only)

  • Provision storage controller (recommendation only) 

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