Dell EMC VMAX integration
Understand the resource relationships between storage and your mission-critical applications
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Dell EMC VMAX integration for IBM Turbonomic illustration
How it works

Dell EMC VMAX is a family of All Flash storage, engineered to support mission-critical workloads with high performance and massive capacity needs. The IBM® Turbonomic® platform connects to VMAX storage systems via an EMC SMI-S provider to discover the VMAX volumes, storage resource pools, storage groups and arrays. IBM Turbonomic software stitches these storage entities to the rest of the application and infrastructure stack. This provides visibility into the resource relationships between storage and the mission-critical applications it supports.

In addition, IBM Turbonomic software provides specific actions to help ensure that those applications get exactly what they need, when they need it. This helps eliminate wasted storage and prevents storage issues from causing performance degradation.

Data discovered


  • Volume (regular, thin, meta)

  • Storage resource pool (VMAX3)/thick provisioned pool (earlier)

  • Storage group (VMAX3)/thin provisioned pool (earlier)

  • VMAX array


  • Storage amount

  • Storage provisioned

  • Storage access operations per second (IOPS)

  • Latency 

Actions generated

  • Provisioning

  • Delete

  • Move

  • Resize

Supported versions

  • VMAX 2 and 3 series
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