IBM® TS7700 mainframe

What IBM TS7700 can do for your business

IBM® TS7700 is a mainframe virtual tape solution that optimizes data protection, business continuance and object store infrastructure for IBM Z® data. TS7770, the latest generation of the family, operates at disk or SSD speeds while maintaining compatibility with existing tape operations. IBM TS7700's grid communication facility provides access from any host to all logical volume and object store data in the grid, supporting superior business continuance. The seventh generation is built with POWER9 processors and IBM FlashSystem 5000 disk cache, providing increased performance, denser disk capacity, as well as improving storage economics and data security in mission-critical hybrid cloud environments. TS7700 now also support IBM TS1160 tape drives.

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Mission-critical performance

Designed to match IBM Z mission-critical capabilities, TS7770 combine the performance of disk-based operations with the capacity and scalability of physical tape to deliver high availability storage.

Cyber resiliency

Cyber resilient shield with Secure Data Transfer and cloud-based disaster recovery, full replication across up to 8 distinct clusters, and multiple air-gap solutions for physical isolation of systems.

Always-on availability

Operate without interruptions. The TS7770 offers 8-way grid cloud configuration that automatically switches over, full redundancy and near 0-second failover/failback for fast recovery.

Seamless cloud integration

IBM TS7770 now integrates up to 256 cloud object stores with DS8000 Object Store feature to access to any object in the grid from any TS7700 regardless of whether it has a copy of the object.

Flexible storage

Deploy mission-critical storage solutions through a variety of flexible racked and rack-mounted configurations with capacity and high performance models for businesses of all sizes.

All-flash infrastructure

Gain better performance, lower latency and now up to *1.3PBs of capacity. 1 SSD-based flash drawer delivers equal to or better performance than 10 HDD-based drawers at less than half the U footprint.


Key features of IBM TS7770

8-cluster grid for business continuity

Read IBM TS7700 solution brief (PDF, 1.5 MB)

The grid communication feature is designed to help keep data available, even if one of the remote sites experiences an outage; up to eight TS7700 systems can be configured to participate in a grid environment. This function helps maintain availability during planned maintenance, service or system upgrades, or unexpected outages and helps avoid the physical transportation of tape cartridges in the event of a disaster.

All flash high performance solution

Download datasheet (PDF, 4.9 MB)

In addition to the traditional HDD cache solution, the all flash version with SSD based cache drawers has been re-designed to support up to 1.3PBs of compresses capacity while delivering improved performance over the HDD based solution. This will help reduce batch processing times, and also improve TCO and management overhead for latency sensitive IBM Z workloads.

Flexible client-based rack mounted configurations

Read IDC white paper (PDF, 186 KB)

The TS7770 offers smaller footprint, lower entry cost option. Flexible deployments for organizations of all sizes with different needs. The powerful capabilities of TS7770 virtual tape are delivered as pre-packaged racked solutions or client-supplied 19” industry standard rack configurations.

DS8000 Object Store

Simplify and accelerate data movement while providing savings in IBM Z CPU utilization with DS8000 Object Store. The DS8900F uses Transparent Cloud Tiering (TCT) to move DFSMShsm object data to the TS7700, sharing both FICON logical volume data and DS8900F object data on the same TS7770 cluster.

Transparent Cloud tiering

Read ESG report (PDF, 608 KB)

Leveraging Transparent Cloud Tiering (TCT) for storage of virtual tape data in public or private clouds. The server-less direct data transfer from TS7770 to a cloud may improve business efficiency while reducing capital and operating expense. When data is stored in the cloud by a cluster, all clusters in the grid which are cloud-attached enabled have access to that object store instance.

Capacity on demand

Increase capacity in 20 TB and 100 TB increments concurrently on the new TS7770 cache subsystem now delivering optional SSD based all flash cache with up to *1.3PBs of compressed capacity with ultra-low latency.

Data encryption at-rest and in-flight

Read ESG report (PDF, 1 MB)

TS7700 now receives encrypted data from the host, supported by FICON technology protects it in-flight across the network over Ethernet. And finally, helps secure sensitive at-rest data with support for both disk and tape drive-based encryption.

Optimized data compression options available

Read ESG report (PDF, 1 MB)

Choose between multiple compression engines in order to match a variety of factors such as use case, block size, and performance requirements to the unique traits of each compression algorithm. Options are the standard compression built into the FICON adapters used by TS7770, LZ4 compression and ZSTD compression algorithms. Finally, IBM DS8900F has added the capability to compress data prior to transfer across TCP/IP connections to TS7770/60 systems configured as Object Storage targets expecting CAPEX by 55% and OPEX over 3-year period by 44%.

Transform CAPEX to OPEX

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Expert Care Available

IBM Expert Care is designed to reduce the cost and duration of downtime in the data center while providing your organization with more predictable and consistent yearly maintenance costs.

*Assuming 5:1 compression