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Gain 50% more capacity and store up to 45TB of compressed data per cartridge with next-generation LTO Ultrium 9 technology
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IBM TS2290 Tape Drive

The IBM TS2290 Tape Drive is a half-height drive with LTO Ultrium 9 technology. It forms part of the IBM Tape portfolio. IBM Storage or third-party storage management software can extend the power of the TS2290.

As data continues to grow exponentially, cost and security have emerged as the top storage challenges. Tape technology can help enterprises of all sizes handle these challenges by providing a low-cost, high-volume data storage solution.

Incorporating the latest Linear Tape-Open (LTO)® Ultrium® technology, the IBM® TS2290 Tape Drive provides a higher storage capacity, than the previous generation, of up to 45 TB per cartridge (with 2.5:1 compression). TS2290 is designed to help small and medium businesses handle the growing data demands of modern tape use cases like cloud, Internet of Things (IoT) and active file archive. It is an excellent choice if you require backup and low-cost, archival storage of data.

Benefits Reduce storage costs

Gain 1.5 times the storage capacity in the same footprint. Store up to 45 TB (compressed) per cartridge—5-% higher capacity than previous-generation LTO cartridges.

Simplify data management

Make tape-based data easy to access. IBM Storage Archive™ supports the tape-oriented IBM Linear Tape File System™ (IBM LTFS) which makes it easy to find and access data. 

Help meet compliance requirements

Enhance security and compliance with data encryption and Write Once Read Many (WORM) support.

Improve space efficiency

Optimize space by installing either on a desktop or two TS2280s side-by-side on a 19-inch rack shelf. The compact external enclosure enables portability and flexible installation.

Empower your users

Allow users to create, manage and archive—including concurrent copies of content, plus active, inactive, and offsite content, by integrating with IBM Storage Protect™.

Integrate easily

Integrate high-capacity tape backups with a variety of systems running Microsoft Windows or UNIX operating systems using cross-platform, open systems support.

Features Fast data transfer

Transfer uncompressed data at a rate of up to 350 MBps (up to 750 MBps with 2.5:1 compression) with 12 Gbps SAS interface connectivity.

Simplified access and management

IBM Storage Archive™ helps simplify data access and management by enabling text-based file tagging, tape-oriented LTFS and a graphic user interface.

Flexible server connectivity

The 12 Gbps SAS interface supports connectivity to open-system servers and the two SAS ports can be used alone or mounted on a standard 19-inch rack.

Data archiving

IBM Storage Archive creates an efficient “data footprint” to store data long-term at an optimal cost, helping enhance performance and security.

File-level access to tape data

Partitioning support in conjunction with IBM Storage Archive enables file-level access to tape data making it easy to find and update information.

Interchangeable Ultrium 9 and Ultrium 8 tape media

Tapes can be interchanged across compatible LTO tapes and operating systems, and files can be easily accessed and transported to other TS2290 tapes.

Encryption support

Designed to natively support data encryption, with hardware encryption and decryption capabilities resident in the LTO Ultrium 9 tape drive itself.

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