Feature spotlights

LTO Ultrium generation 7 technology

The TS1070 tape drive incorporates the latest generation of industry-leading LTO technology which offers higher storage capacity and higher data transfer rates than the previous generation to provide long-term tape infrastructure investment protection.

Media partitioning and IBM Spectrum Archive

Designed to support media partitioning, the TS1070 tape drive offers the ability to create two partitions on the LTO Ultrium 7 media. Partitioning enables IBM Spectrum Archive, which improves the ability to reference small sections of data on tape. It also helps with interchange of data between different platforms.

Higher capacity

With a physical storage capacity of up to 15 TB (with 2.5:1 compression), the TS1070 tape drive is an excellent tape storage solution for organizations requiring data backup and low-cost, archival data storage. The data transfer performance has increased over the previous LTO Ultrium half-height generation with a transfer rate of up to 300 MBps with 8 Gbps Fibre Channel (FC) interface connectivity. The drive offers two FC ports and one Ethernet port per drive to improve availability.

Advanced features

The TS1070 8 Gbps FC interface enables connection to a wide range of open-system servers. The LTO Ultrium 7 tape media provides partitioning support, which in conjunction with IBM Spectrum Archive provides users with file-level access to tape data. This support helps users quickly locate and update information on the tape media. The LTO Ultrium 7 technology is also designed to support data encryption.

More details about IBM TS1070 Tape Drive

Technical details

Software requirements

The TS1070 Tape Drive is compatible with major operating systems and independent software vendor applications.

Hardware requirements

IBM TS1070 Tape Drive at a glance:

  • Maximum storage capacity up to 15 TB with 2.5:1 compression
  • Native data transfer rate of 300 MBps
  • LTO standards compliance
  • 8 Gbps FC connectivity
  • Compatible with existing IBM TS4500 and TS3500 tape libraries

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