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Getting started with this product

How is IBM Trusteer Pinpoint Verify deployed?

A typical deployment involves using IBM Trusteer Pinpoint Verify SDKs and APIs to integrate multi-factor authentication (MFA) into the organization’s digital services portal or website. The integration is done once, and future changes to leverage the latest authentication factors update seamlessly.

Does IBM Trusteer Pinpoint Verify run in the organization’s existing mobile app, or a separate dedicated app?

IBM Trusteer Pinpoint Verify for Mobile is an SDK. That means the client includes it into the app, and invokes it for two factor authentication flow.

How is risk assessment done when the user is accessing via API?

The API will open an authentication page on the organization’s application. IBM Trusteer Pinpoint Detect snippets will be deployed on that page, providing the risk assessment.

Other common questions

How does the IBM Trusteer Pinpoint suite of products work together?

IBM Trusteer Pinpoint Assure assesses the risk of new or anonymous users. IBM Trusteer Pinpoint Detect continuously assesses the digital identities of known or enrolled users. Finally, IBM Trusteer Pinpoint Verify allows organizations to confirm trust for high-risk users with strong authentication.