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TRIRIGA is an Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS) helping enterprise real estate and facilities teams manage portfolios and assets throughout their lifecycle.
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Optimize your real estate and facilities management operations 

Real estate is the second-largest cost burden for most large organizations. Driven by an evolving operational landscape, enterprises are rapidly shifting towards centralized models. This requires enterprise-grade solutions for cost reduction, enhanced responsiveness, and optimized efficiency.

The ability to access data through a single source of truth across the real estate lifecycle is key to elevating operational performance.  IBM® TRIRIGA® offers a holistic Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS) from a trusted brand that leads the market in functionality, security, configurability and is a natively integrated suite.

Fast, flexible and comprehensive, TRIRIGA has the complete mix of applications in one platform to maximize facility lifecycle performance while preparing you to meet future needs.

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Why choose IBM TRIRIGA Application Suite 99%

faster space utilization insights.¹

USD 30 million

in cost avoidance while reducing reporting times.²


work orders per year were processed with TRIRIGA.²


Capital projects and planning Provides complete enterprise-wide project and program management including the required tools to ensure efficient, cost-effective delivery of capital, facility, and environmental projects. Explore capital projects and planning

Environmental management Identify resource intensive facilities and processes, analyze financial and environmental benefits of environmental sustainability investments, and automate carbon reduction actions to reduce energy costs and achieve environmental and energy management strategies. Explore environmental management

Facilities lease management Helps organizations improve the effectiveness of real estate portfolio planning, improve returns from real estate transactions, avoid lease penalties and overpayments, and streamline lease accounting. Explore facilities lease management

Maintenance and operations management Delivers facility maintenance software to help maintain critical facilities assets throughout their lifecycle and reduce maintenance costs. It automates the management of corrective maintenance services to deliver higher-quality services more efficiently. It also automates preventive and condition-based maintenance processes to improve the condition of critical facilities assets and extend their life. Explore maintenance and operations

Space planning and management Increases the utilization of valuable real estate and building infrastructure assets through the use of advanced space planning, space management, and move planning. It provides space management and audit tools; space use agreements and chargeback tools; as well as move planning and move execution management. Explore space planning and management

Benefits Optimize space management

Capture and analyze floor plan data to make the most strategic space planning decisions to maximize workspace utilization and give occupants the spaces they need.

Create the right workplace experience

Deliver an office space experience that focuses on employee health and well-being, and keeps users safe, connected and productive.

Right-size your real estate portfolio

Streamline lease accounting and administration to optimize cost savings and better assess financial impacts of potential disruptions.

Maximize operations and maintenance efficiency

Use conditions-based and preventative maintenance for better decision making and to reduce operating costs.

Manage and extend capital projects

Improve project cycle time, eliminate budget over-runs, remove resource bottlenecks and analyze projects risks to improve planning decisions.

Improve energy management

Identify and evaluate opportunities to reduce energy consumption, emissions and the overall carbon footprint of your real estate portfolio.

Case studies Royal Melbourne Hospital

Royal Melbourne Hospital used IBM TRIRIGA software to digitize facilities management and business processes.


Teradyne used IBM TRIRIGA to achieve operational efficiency through better space optimization and utilization.

Outfront Media

Outfront Media used IBM TRIRIGA to transform their manual processes into seamless digital experiences.

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