Know how much space is used

Unlock new levels of efficiency and optimization when you understand actual usage. Integrating CAD floorplans with IWMS data provides accurate spatial data, generating graphical reports on space utilization.

Elevate the experience

Users expect to access facilities seamlessly. Indoor maps, AI assistants and interactive tools enable your workforce to reserve space, request moves, locate colleagues and recreate the flexibility they gained working remotely.

Make better space decisions

Ensure you have the right mix of spaces for all occupants. With insights from IoT data, wifi and AI make informed decisions about consolidation or expansion. Use dynamic space planning to adapt floorplans quickly to changing needs.

Facilities management to help you reopen your facilities and return to the workplace

Step 1: Focus on employee experience and well-being

Prepare a space in which everyone feels protected with a smart space management strategy. Use our guide for practical steps to take and help everyone return on-site with confidence.

Step 2: Dig into occupancy

Measure the metric that matters most: occupancy. Optimize your workplace strategy to adapt spaces and work models, maintain social distance, and make space work for you.

Step 3: Lead your workplace

Build a safe, agile work environment so you’re ready to change, meet employee needs and lead your organization through disruptions with the right space management tools.

Talk to an expert

See how your organization can benefit from space management software.