IBM TRIRIGA Building Insights

Understand occupancy in every building, facility and space

IBM TRIRIGA® Building Insights relies on IoT and AI to connect and securely store data. Use this data to learn, analyze and visualize a building’s behavior. It is a cloud-based offering that connects building systems, sensors and external products through a responsive web application. With a single click, you can get AI-based insights, such as future occupancy predictions, across your entire enterprise.

TRIRIGA Building Insights key benefits

Speed time to value

Reduce the time and complexity involved with building custom solutions and integrating multiple point products.

Make informed decisions

View data from your enterprises’ buildings as action-based insights from a single application.

Isolate costs

Take advantage of staged deployment and subscription pricing to isolate costs and only pay for actual sensors installed across the entire enterprise.

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Technical details

Software requirements

IBM TRIRIGA Building Insights supports Microsoft Windows 7, 8 Classic, 10, and Apple OS X10.10, 10.11 operating systems.

Hardware requirements

There are no hardware requirements for TRIRIGA Building Insights.

Technical specifications

IBM TRIRIGA Building Insights supports the following browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox ESR, Firefox Current, Apple Safari 8, 9, and Microsoft Internet Explorer 11.