A deeper look at virtual and community care

What are the key components of a successful, data-driven continuum of care? See why Chilmark Research believes an integrated platform can help healthcare payers and providers meet regulations and improve member experience.

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Feature spotlights

Personalized cost transparency

Provides cost transparency. Helps individuals manage their healthcare costs, objectively evaluate treatment alternatives and find savings by comparing providers and facilities.

Ease of use

Allows individuals to view side-by-side provider comparisons sorted by lowest cost. Delivers near real-time results for each member’s deductibles and health savings account balances.

Claims data mining and analysis

Creates accurate treatment estimates based on regional claims averages or provider-specific averages. The calculator uses 18 months of claims data to create cost estimates using advanced algorithms, event grouper methodologies and more.

Comprehensive and flexible

Enables individuals to review the costs of common services often included in a typical visit, such as lab work and immunizations. Also accommodates both complex benefits plans and multifaceted payment structures.

Helps providers set financial expectations with patients

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Health plans can now support their providers with the ability to clarify the expected treatment cost, as well as a patient’s personal liability based on covered benefits, remaining deductible and other

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