IBM TCP/IP for z/VSE features

Abundant standard stack features

IBM TCP/IP for z/VSE supports network connections via OSA, OSA-Express, CTCA, CLAW and equivalent hardware. It has extensive monitoring and tuning capabilities that can be extended to any level of granularity – including specific destination addresses. Its customizable security features protect both network access and configuration information. Built-in connection management provides request queuing and automatic detection and clean-up of “lost” connections.

Optional features distributed with TCP/IP for VSE

Additional optional features include a CSI Firewall Shield for network security, General Printer Servers, SSL-enabled FTP server and client, a Secure Sockets Layer and a See-TCP/IP – performance monitor for z/VSE and TCP/IP.

Standard TCP/IP for VSE features to consider implementing

Implement File Transfer Protocol – including easy, direct access to VSAM, BIM-EDIT, LIBR, POWER, ICCF and other VSE resident files. The Telnet TN3270 server allows users to log directly onto 3270 VTAM applications such as CICS®. Batch client to email most z/VSE-resident files directly to remote users. It provides static z/VSE data to the browser – or write custom CGI (web) programs. Ping, Traceroute, Discover and other tools are included so that a site can analyze its TCP/IP network from z/VSE.

Create your own TCP/IP applications

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are included so you can create your own TCP/IP applications. Examples include SOCKET MACRO interface for Assembler programs and a BSD/C interface useable from C, Cobol, Assembler or any other language that supports standard linkage. EZASOCKET calls by all languages are supported for easier portability. There is also a High-Level Preprocessor Interface for Cobol, PL1 or Assembler – as well as cryptographic interfaces for using SSL/TLS.