Get enhanced functionality and scalability with Engineering Lifecycle Management 7.0

Get enhanced functionality and scalability with Engineering Lifecycle Management 7.0 Learn about the new release

Insightful engineering at enterprise scale

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Teams facing the challenge of designing, developing and engineering sophisticated products that cost less, in shorter periods of time and with fewer resources, must not only engineer new technologies but also integrate new solutions that drive faster time to market at lower cost from trusted vendors. IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management (ELM) is a comprehensive, end-to-end solution that integrates technologies such as the Watson AI-powered Requirements Quality Assistant (RQA) to improve the quality of increasingly complex requirements, and advances automotive compliance to fast-track ASPICE compliance.

Key benefits:

  • Scale to handle industry-specific design complexities and emerging industry standards
  • Support for global configurations, systems-of-systems, large supplier networks, traceability, auditing, and integrated compliance and reporting
  • Integration across the entire engineering lifecycle, from requirements management to systems design and test management
  • Seamless workflow management and collaboration across dispersed teams

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What can you do with IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management?

Create and manage requirements

Deliver consistent requirements and ultimately achieve enterprise scale with IBM’s industry leading requirements management solutions, leveraging insights and guidance from product conception to production.

Strengthen decision-making

Make better decisions by using model-based systems engineering to develop a deeper understanding of the impact of design across systems and throughout the product lifecycle.

Accelerate delivery

Real-time planning helps manage across requirements, application development, design and test efforts — and integrates with execution.

Improve quality

Integrated testing and lifecycle traceability provide visibility across artifacts for a complete view, from requirements to release.

Foster continuous collaboration

Deliver value across teams, roles and disciplines with agile and collaboration tools that support multiple technologies, platforms and processes.

Enable compliance

Integrates compliance and regulatory requirements into the development process to better enable auditability, traceability and reporting.

Client success

Bosch Automotive

See how Bosch Automotive uses the IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management solution to increase collaboration, manage complexity and improve the quality of its software for smart and connected vehicles.

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