Sysdig Secure for IBM Cloud Paks
Embed container security and compliance within Kubernetes
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What is Sysdig Secure for IBM Cloud® Paks?

The Sysdig Secure for IBM Cloud® Paks solution helps you accelerate your Kubernetes and cloud adoption by addressing security and regulatory compliance from the start on enterprise hybrid cloud environments. Easily identify vulnerabilities, check compliance, block threats and respond faster at every stage of the container and Kubernetes lifecycle.

Use cases

Secure the build pipeline Secure the build pipeline with automated image scanning for CI/CD pipelines and registries.

Detect and respond to threats Detect and respond to runtime threats across containers, hosts, Kubernetes and cloud with out-of-the-box rules.

Manage cloud posture and compliance Continuously manage cloud posture and compliance with detailed reports and policies for PCI, NIST and SOC2.

Benefits Image scanning

Detect vulnerabilities within the CI/CD pipeline. Scan to prevent the deployment of risky images.

Continuous compliance

Validate compliance for Kubernetes and containers based on regulatory standards (NIST, PCI).

Runtime security

Combine deep visibility for Kubernetes, containers and cloud to detect and block attacks.

Configuration validation

Ensure security best practices based on CIS Benchmarks, compliance standards and your guidelines.

Forensics and audit

Record snapshots of pre-attack and post-attack activity to speed forensics and incident response.

Threat prevention

Validate compliance for Kubernetes and containers based on regulatory standards (NIST, PCI).

Continuously validate compliance with industry regulations and internal mandates Deploy securely

Use a single workflow to detect vulnerabilities and misconfigurations.

Block threats at runtime

Detect and prevent threats without impacting performance.

Respond quickly

Automate responses and conduct forensics even after containers are gone.