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Supply chain risk management software to help mitigate risk and grow a trusted network of suppliers with optimized information and complete transparency
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A better way to manage your supplier information and risk management process

Supply chain risk management (SCRM) software helps you deliver on your customer promises. It starts by helping providers and suppliers easily navigate supply chain disruptions. No matter how strong your supply chain teams may be, finding the right suppliers to meet your business needs while ensuring your supply chain network is costly and time consuming.

IBM® Trust Your Supplier provides a real-time holistic view of your suppliers, incorporating reliable supplier information and enriched data from industry-recognized validators to reduce vulnerabilities. A powerful analytics engine using artificial intelligence effectively combines functionality with stringent cybersecurity to manage supplier risk by continuously monitoring suppliers’ regulatory compliance and thus, enabling a trusted supplier network at all times.

Features Discover a rich set of features and dashboards to enhance end-to-end supply chain resilience and business continuity. Global and industry standards

Cross-industry standardized questionnaires, metrics and workflows help reduce risk events including cyber threats.

Compliance and risk validators

Integrated supplier risk management strategy with data sets from authoritative third parties reduce third-party risk.

Supplier profile management

Automated supplier and third-party information updates for all stakeholders optimize compliance management.

Continuous monitoring

Automation helps to ensure supplier risk assessment data is kept up to date with evolving market conditions.

Visualization, reporting and audit management

Advanced analytics manage decision-making, onboarding, contingency plans and lifecycle processes.

Blockchain-based supplier information management

Data is secure and immutable and establishes transparency and traceability, reducing operational risk.

We see this as a key opportunity to simplify and streamline our buying goods and services journey. Lisa Martin Senior Vice President and Chief Procurement Officer GSK
Products in this suite IBM Sterling® Transparent Supply

Build your own blockchain ecosystem to establish strong supplier relationships by sharing data and reducing risk exposure.

IBM Food Trust®

Enhance visibility and accountability across the food supply chain with a collaborative network.

IBM Sterling® Supply Chain Control Tower

Orchestrate your end-to-end global supply chain with AI-powered visibility and actionable workflows.

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