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Explore IBM Sterling® Supply Chain Intelligence Suite pricing plans. With three convenient pricing tiers, you can leverage the power of the IBM Supply Chain Intelligence platform, IBM® Transparent Supply and IBM Food Trust in a package that suits your business needs.

*Prices shown exclude any applicable sales taxes Essentials USD 2,000 per month*
  • Everything you need to get started 
  • Implement track and trace, food safety, supply chain emissions management and more
Standard Contact us for pricing
  • Configure solutions to address custom needs or build your own new applications
  • Manage a large supply network with alerts and custom rules
Premium Contact us for pricing
  • Expand to global-scale business operations with low cost per transaction
  • Collaborate with large supply chain networks

Trackable units (per month)




Supply chain partners

up to 5

up to 50

up to 250

Base data updates (per month)








Transparent Supply

Operational dashboards

Out of the box Customizable Customizable

Research assistant

Out of the box Customizable Customizable

Builders: Create custom dashboards, pages, workflows, resolutions, criteria, business rules, messages and alerts

Workflow integration

Optional add-ons

Consumer API

Private network

Streaming and batch data ingest

Pricing questions

Trackable units (TUs) consist of any data loaded by you or your trading partners to the blockchain-based IBM Transparent Supply network.

A trackable unit is a unique electronic product code uploaded by an organization within a calendar month. This includes serials (SGTIN), lots (LGTIN), shipping containers (SSCC) and their IBM ID equivalents. Simply put, your trackable unit count will reflect the number of units that you’re tracking each month.

Non-network supply chain data may also be loaded in base ingest, which does not use Transparent Supply and is subject to higher data limits.

A supply chain partner is a company you do business with that you are inviting to join your Transparent Supply network. In Supply Chain Intelligence Suite terms, this is known as an "account".  Each company you onboard gets an account. Each company owns the data uploaded within their account and manages their entitlements.

Any data which is not sourced from the Transparent Supply network may be directly loaded into the Supply Chain Intelligence Suite base data platform. 

The base data platform is highly efficient and optimized for large-scale enterprise resource planning data, so the limits or thresholds are significantly higher within each tier than trackable units. Typical data for base ingest includes, but is not limited to, orders, shipments, inventory, plans, events, payloads, etc.

Please contact us for detailed usage information. Click on the "Let's talk" button on your screen.

With our tiered pricing structure, the more data you use, the less expensive it gets on a per-data basis.  Data use in excess of the included limits will be billed based on the following pricing:

Essentials:  USD 0.04 per base data update, USD 0.50 per trackable unit, and USD 400 per organization.

Standard:  USD 0.001 per base data update, USD 0.10 per trackable unit, and USD 200 per organization.

Premium:  USD 0.0004 per base data update, USD 0.02 per trackable unit, and USD 80 per organization.

Due to the way overages are calculated and billed, it may make sense to upgrade your license when you regularly exceed some thresholds which can be easily calculated.

Consider upgrading from Essentials to Standard when your monthly data use regularly exceeds 250,000 base data updates or 20,000 trackable units or if you need to onboard more than 25 organizations.

Consider upgrading from Standard to Premium when your monthly data use regularly exceeds 22,000,000 base data updates or 200,000 trackable units or if you need to onboard more than 100 organizations.

Supply Chain Intelligence Suite has a powerful, highly configurable stream-based rules system which allows recursive computation of ingested events.

AppPoints are a common unit of consumption by which the Supply Chain Intelligence Suite is licensed. They are used to direct the consumption of each app in the suite, as well as track and enforce entitlement and access.

For more information, see IBM Terms or click on the "Let's talk" button on the screen.

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